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Your Budget Plan for JavaScript Developer

Looking to hire a JavaScript developer? Learn how to plan your budget effectively with our guide on budgeting for JavaScript developers.

July 27, 2023

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Your Budget Plan for JavaScript Developer

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Determining the cost of hiring a JavaScript developer can be a challenging task. As it differs based on various factors. With plenty of JavaScript developers available worldwide, deciding the budget is hard. But it's an important part of the hiring process.

This blog is a guide to your budget plan for JavaScript developers. This blog will explain How much it costs to hire a JavaScript developer? Factors affecting the budget and more.

Common Factors to Consider

Many factors affect the decision when creating a budget for hiring a JavaScript developer. We have listed some important factors. These factors will ensure that your budget is accurate. The following factors can help you plan the costs of hiring a JavaScript developer.


Experience is one of the most common factors when you are looking to hire a JavaScript developer. The cost of hiring relies on the experience in the field. Skilled JavaScript developers expect higher salaries for their skill in handling intricate tasks. The average hiring cost can range from $17 to $50 per hour or even more


Location is important in deciding the budget to hire a JavaScript developer. Developers living in big cities may demand higher rates. Those living in smaller cities may charge less. Developers from the US, Canada, and Australia may charge higher. In contrast, developers from India, Ukraine, Philippines charge less. The reason is because of the cost of living standard.

Project Time

Project duration is an important factor in deciding the cost of hiring a JavaScript developer. Short projects need fewer resources and take less time to complete. As a result, they are less expensive. Larger-scale projects require a good budget and extra resources. Consider the time estimate of your project. Understanding the project time requirements will help you to make an informed decision.

Special Skills

The need for a candidate with a specialized skillset in your project can affect the hiring cost. If your project needs an expert in a specific framework or technology, it can impact the cost of hiring. Developers who have in-depth knowledge of such specialized skills may command higher rates. It's because of the increased value they bring to the table.

Each factor mentioned above holds importance when creating a budget plan for hiring. You can decide the cost of hiring a JavaScript developer by evaluating each factor.

Categorising JavaScript Developers with Different Levels of Experiences

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Entry Level Java Developers

1- 3 Years

1. Write code,

2. Debug applications,

3. Troubleshoot issues.

4. Understanding of basic frameworks 

Mid-Level Java Developers

4 to 6 Years

1. Knowledge of object-oriented programming.

2. Good code writing

3. Can review code written by others.

4. Can also provide feedback on others' code.

5. Can work on different types of application development.

Senior Java Developer

7 Years

1. Deep knowledge of Object-oriented programming language

2. Can lead the team

3. Can guide the development teams

4. Knowledge of different technologies related to Java.

5. Knowledge of different frameworks

Different Hiring Models for JavaScript Developers

The specific hiring models you choose also affect the hiring budget. There are different hiring methods. Each hiring method comes with its pros and cons. Let's learn about the different hiring models.

Hiring Full-Time JavaScript Developer

The employee will get a salary and other benefits in a full-time hiring model. They are supposed to work at the company's location. This hiring model comes with security for developers. It's because they get job security and other benefits with full-time work. This type of hiring is only required when the employer needs a dedicated team for a long-term project.

Hiring Part-Time JavaScript Developer

This hiring model is suitable for startups. It's also ideal for those who do not need full-time employees. It's a perfect option when looking for a developer to fix bugs or work on an existing application.

Contract Based JavaScript Developer

This model refers to hiring a developer on a contract basis. Contract-based developers work for a defined period. They work on a contract agreement with the employer. They offer many advantages, including flexibility. They may charge less.

What’s your choice? Understand hiring an In-House JavaScript developer vs. Outsourcing. It doesn't matter which hiring method you choose. But make sure to have a contract negotiation with the JavaScript developer

Skills That Must be In a JavaScript Developer

When you are looking to hire a JavaScript developer, there are several skills that you should consider. These skills will help ensure the developer is capable of JavaScript development tasks. Here are some essential skills to look for in a JavaScript developer:

Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming

Knowledge of object-oriented programming is a fundamental for JavaScript developers. A JavaScript developer should be able to create and use objects. The developer needs to understand encapsulation, inheritance, and more such concepts.

Experience in Web Development

A JavaScript developer must have web development experience. It can be in any language, like HTML.

Knowledge of Database

Databases play an essential role in storing and managing data. They serve as a base for many software. Knowledge of databases is necessary for JavaScript developers. They are responsible for databases. They also need to integrate the database with the application.

Debugging Skill

Debugging is an important skill for JavaScript developers. It involves the ability to identify and resolve errors. A JavaScript developer needs to have a problem-solving mindset. It helps them to solve any issues that may come up during the development process.

Good Communication Skill

Communication skill is essential for any professional. This also applies to JavaScript developers. It allows them to share their ideas with team members.


In conclusion, creating a budget plan for hiring a JavaScript developer is important. You can create a budget with these factors, like project scope and timeline. Consider these factors whether you choose full-time, half-time, or fixed project rate employment.

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