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Ilijana Aćimović

Head of Hiring

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Irina Pujaz

Talent Expert

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Luka Putnik

Hiring Manager

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Kosta Kovačević

Hiring Manager

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Do you have what it takes to be part of our team? Here’s what we are looking for:

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Beautiful Code

Do you craft clean code that dazzles? We're always on the lookout for game-changing coders whose stunningly crafted code will take our clients projects to new heights.

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Business Acumen

You don’t just write excellent code, you also have a deep understanding of clients’ projects from a business perspective giving them an edge in delivering successful outcomes.

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Collaborative Spirit

You are not afraid to take your coding skills to the next level with a collaborative spirit that makes working with you an absolute pleasure.


Fluency in English

You have the world at your fingertips! Your English skills are stellar and make you the perfect candidate for international projects.

We're looking for talented developers like you

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You will love working with us. Here is why:

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A straightforward recruitment process

Our stress-free recruitment process is tailored to the unique needs of developers. We take pride in offering a simple yet efficient way of bringing you onboard.

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Get placed on single, long-term projects

Our developers enjoy the focused satisfaction of mastering one project at a time. Join us and experience how rewarding it can be when your work truly comes full circle.

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Friendliest HR team on the planet

Our HR team is here to make sure your work experience goes above and beyond! From the first moment of contact, they are sure to provide a warm and friendly experience ensuring that you're always surrounded by genuine support.

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Remote-first culture

Unlock the freedom to work from anywhere! Our remote-first culture gives developers the autonomy to work wherever they please, while still connecting and collaborating with exceptional colleagues from multiple disciplines.

100+ carefully selected developers are already on exciting projects - find yours too!

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Backend Developer

"I am beyond grateful that one of Teamcubate’s recruiters contacted me about this job opportunity. I got onboarded and up-to-speed really fast. I do not work overtime, which is especially important to me, and I have good communication with everyone on the team but also with Teamcubate’s core team. And my first major contribution to the platform has just been released!"

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Frontend Developer

"I had a very positive experience during the interviews with Teamcubate. In the initial HR interview I was able to get all the information I needed about projects, salaries, and the way the company works - so there were no surprises when I got hired. It was especially important to me that Teamcubate allows remote work, plus anyone at the office on my project gets lunch paid for! We don't have a lot of meetings and make development decisions together, so overall I'm really pleased with how our team functions."

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Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

"I appreciate the quick and easy application process at Teamcubate. They matched me with an amazing client project after only 2 interviews. So far, I can easily say that this is the best relationship I’ve had with a client."

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ETL Developer

"I've been working with Teamcubate for a year now, and the hiring process was seamless. The client's expectations, as well as the steps in the hiring process, were made clear from the start. The day-to-day tasks match what I was told in the early stages of our discussions with them, and I have had plenty of opportunities to grow. Teamcubate's support did not end once I was hired either - my hiring manager regularly checks in to see how I'm getting on and if there's anything he can do to help me out. All in all, if you're looking for a new challenge in your career, I would definitely recommend working for Teamcubate!"

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Frontend Developer

"I believe that Teamcubate is much more than just a headhunting agency - they are truly a partner, adding magic to the recruitment process. This partnership doesn't end after you get employed either; they continue to assist me with kindness and efficiency whenever I need it. All in all, I'm very happy to be part of the Teamcubate community!"

Photo developer


Full-Stack Developer

"I'm a senior .NET developer, and recently I returned to Teamcubate - who I had previously worked with on a part-time basis. Everything went incredibly smoothly throughout the process, so I was more than happy to come back and work with these people and this client again. It goes without saying that Teamcubate is exactly the type of company you wish to return to."

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You’ve got questions?

We have answers!

Discover everything you need to know by exploring our comprehensive FAQ page. Still have questions? Our expert HR-team is ready to help.

What kind of projects are your developers working on?

Get ready to join the next wave of innovation! We match developers with exciting projects around the world, especially with North European growth companies. Our clients often come to us with innovative software projects that span the full range of the tech world - from financial technology, healthcare and wellness applications, digital marketing platforms, AI-powered real estate models and even a travelling platform focused on ecological conservation. Each project promises to revolutionise its respective industry in some way. Our projects are always pushing boundaries, giving developers the opportunity to work on exciting projects with lasting impact.

What exactly is the role of Teamcubate in the process?

We are here to help developers find new projects to work on. Instead of applying to many different jobs, which doesn't guarantee you will get hired among so many candidates, we do it for you. Teamcubate will bring your new client directly to you, and shorten the process, so you can just sit back, relax, and let the job come to you.

What makes up your company’s tech-stack?

Teamcubate stays on top of the most current tech, enabling our clients to utilise cutting-edge frameworks and libraries like JavaScript, React, Node.js, Vue.js, .NET, PHP, Flutter, Go, Python, Ruby on Rails and more. We also help clients with services in a broad range of databases, front/backend projects, microservice architectures, Shopify development and much more!

Is remote work allowed at Teamcubate?

Of course it is! We are a remote-first company and we know that developers love to work from where they feel most productive. Our clients benefit too, being able to tap into a pool of global talent and uncover potential gems that would have otherwise remained hidden - no need for relocation! At Teamcubate, we believe in team connection and collaboration - that's why we expect all developers to stay connected with their teams through regular online meetings. Plus the occasional chance to jet abroad for inspiring face-to-face sessions!

Will I be switching from one project to another constantly?

No! We always like to point out the fact that we are not an outsourcing company. Instead, we focus on transparency and stability, empowering both candidates and companies. You will work directly for one of our clients, on a long-term project, and become a part of their development team, while having us at Teamcubate clearing out all bureaucratic obstacles, administrative duties and offering you ongoing HR-supporting. At Teamcubate we take great pride in ensuring employee satisfaction and retention.

What benefits do I get at Teamcubate?

You become a carefully-selected member of a huge, international Teamcubate community. You have a friendly HR team always at your disposal, catering to your employee needs. You get 25 paid vacation days + 5-day paid sick leave (without any doctor’s notes). We also provide you with necessary equipment, if needed. And we organise a minimum one yearly trip to the client’s country, so developers can meet their team in person. Most importantly, you get to work for some of today’s most interesting growth companies and perhaps create something that will leave an indelible mark on people’s lives.

Vibe check: What’s the atmosphere like at Teamcubate?

People who know us say that we are friendly, tech-savvy and ambitious! We are still small enough to know each other's names, personalities, and snacking habits - yet not too small to have grand ambitions. Come to a space where ideas flow, diversity is embraced, and where teams collaborate and celebrate each other's unique strengths - all while exploring the cutting-edge of tech. So by all means, apply to join our awesome community!

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Join Teamcubate and unlock the door to incredible career opportunities! Let us help you land a long-term job with some of the world's most exciting companies. Get ready for your dream career - it all starts here!

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There you are! We’ve been waiting for you! Join Teamcubate and unlock the door to incredible opportunities! Let us help you land a long-term job with some of the world's most exciting companies. Get ready for your dream career - it all starts here!

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