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Experiences from Headhunting with Teamcubate

I get 10+ queries a week from companies that offer software development services. We chose to partner with Teamcubate because it’s like having our department in locations with better access to highly qualified developers at prices that can be handled for us as a startup, without having to invest time and resources in setting up offices, understanding local employment law and sourcing graduates.

It is a plug-and-play expansion of LuggageHero, where we are able to expand our team with highly motivated and dedicated people who are fully integrated with the rest of the company just like our employees elsewhere, which we manage ourselves.

Kristian Løkkegaard

CTO, LuggageHero

We were looking for skilled Magento developers in Denmark but had problems finding skilled enough talent. We wanted to have a close relationship with our employees and therefore we were not interested in outsourcing in the traditional sense. Teamcubate presented us with a solution where we actually have our developers in Serbia as part of our core team.

Today, through Teamcubate, the majority of our developers are both permanent employees and freelancers. We benefit from punctuality, flexibility, and good communication.

Mikael Friis

Chief Commercial Office & Partner, Winefamly

We Built Teamcubate Because We Needed It

Talent is the key bottleneck of a high-growth company. Teamcubate was the solution.


Teamcubate was founded in the summer of 2017 by Marc Lucas and Niels Thimmer. After trying to find the right candidates for software and web development, alongside operating in our own respective companies, we started recruiting in Serbia. It is here that we have created a network where we cracked the code to attract the most talented employees.

With over 60 full-time employees and a large network of freelancers, we work with a number of growth companies, primarily in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

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Roadmap To Results

The Teamcubate Way


Recruiting with Teamcubate is free and risk-free. It is only once you have found the right candidate that a portion of the monthly payment goes to cover the recruitment. 


We pair you up with excellent candidates based on your needs and wishes at a friendly price. A payment from you comes only after a developer has been hired and once you are satisfied. 



With Teamcubate’s HR platform, you have the full overview of what work is being done. Contracts, recruitment, invoicing, and much more. We take care of the hassle, so you can focus on running your business.


We help integrate your employee or team at Teamcubate with the rest of your company at home. We always have room for your company’s team members in our offices and we help with all the practicalities.

The 4 Steps To Hiring



The first step is to understand your company. This is key for us so that we can match you perfectly with the right candidates. That is why we always start with a meeting where we also go through job descriptions and your needs together.


Our recruitment team starts up recruitment right away. With the use of our database, network, and through direct headhunting, we find just the right talent for you. We select a few but carefully targeted candidates for interviews and any test you require.


Once we have found the right candidates, we help you with onboarding either online, physically at your location, or at one of our offices in Serbia. This way both you and your team get the best start working together.


Once the candidate has started working with you, we take care of all the practicalities just right. For example, we ensure office space, management, regulation of local payroll, and local labor laws. We also take care of flight bookings, hotels, etc.

The Benefits of Hiring in


Teamcubate focuses on finding candidates in Serbia, where we have 4 offices located in the main cities. This market has many key advantages vs. other areas in Europe.

Excellent English Language Level

Serbs and the people of Serbian have an impressively high level of English knowledge, both spoken and written – naturally. How so? Yes, English is taught as a second language in the country, but one of the most prevalent reasons for this is that most people in Serbia have been exposed to English on television during their childhood – English speaking shows were never synchronized to local languages ​​as was the case in many other European countries. English was a part of everyday life and it remains so to this day.
Attractive Prices

Wages are generally much lower in Serbia than in Denmark and the rest of Western Europe and certain neighboring countries, even. At the same time, taxes are low on wages in Serbia, which makes the price for the company even lower. One can expect approximately half the price of similar prices in Denmark for the same candidate.

Hardworking, Critical & Results-Oriented
Serbs and the people of Serbia have proven, time and again, to have a critical yet positive approach to work. It is just the right work ethic that a company or employer desires of their employee. Years of work experience with the people of Serbia have shown that they are always striving to learn new methods and are on top of their knowledge on a global scale.
Quick Recruitment & Testing
Through Teamcubate’s recruitment, you can quickly and easily reach some of the most excellent candidates. A dedicated matchmaker works with you for free. Their job is to pair you with the right candidate based on your common requirements and wishes. We see that this personal approach opens up the doors to far better collaborations between the candidate and the company.
Same Time & Travel Zone
Belgrade can be reached in 2 hours by flight from Copenhagen, Kastrup, and Malmö airports. At the same time, one quickly goes through the airport and the taxi ride to the city/offices takes only 15 minutes. Conveniently, Serbia and Denmark are in the same time zone, so working this coherently and in-tact from two different countries has never been easier. 

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