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Teamcubate As A Venture Tech Partner

Our 4 step process of value creation



Our team of headhunters works directly and personally with you.
With deep and precise knowledge of your needs, we are successful in our common goal.

Remote Payroll

Once you hire, we make it easy for you to pay out salaries in any country. We handle everything as a part of our service. Keep focusing on your company, and let us take care of the logistics.


Worry about IP rights or other compliance questions? We have you covered. We work with expert legal assistance so you do not make mistakes that could have been easily avoided.


One thing is hiring, another thing is keeping. With a clever approach we, for instance, give you insights into potential issues, and also help you directly to fix these.  A key point for a remote team.

Developers Working With Venture Partner Companies

Jaksa | Soundboks

Building the future of speakers with Soundboks.

Milos | Valuer

Making the marketing leading AI platform for venture search.

Ilija | Resights

Making real estate data accessible for investors and planners.

Companies Teamcubate Help Scale

Every day we try to make growing a business a bit easier. See what the companies say.

Orsi Szentes | Founder | Good Karma

»Teamcubate has been an essential part of our recruitment efforts. They are great to work with. They have a very efficient process where they do the preselection and interviewing of the candidates so you only spend time with the ones that are truly a good match.«

Mikael Friis | CMO | Winefamly

»Teamcubate gave us a solution where we actually have our developers as part of our core team. We get punctuality, flexibility, and good communication.«

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    Hiring Developers – Questions And Answers

    Grow your knowledge on hiring developers. Learn the pros and cons of hiring remote developers. 

    Why hire developers remotely?

    There are a lot of good things to say about hiring developers working where they live. The remote way of working with a developer can be hard without some basic procedures.

    At Teamcubate we tell our partners to have: 

    • English as a language in the development organization for meetings. This includes everyone.
    • Have remote developers take part in regular meetings.
    • Use modern tools like Slack, Jira, etc. to communicate, commit code and work together.
    • Focus on seeing each other. A plane ticket can be low-cost for a deeper personal bond. 
    The advantages are of course that you can go where the talent is. This is an important part of how more companies will work in the future.  It is a movement, and you can be a part of it. 


    Where is the best place to hire developers?

    The boring answer is of course: “It depends”. In Teamcubate we began with a focus on Europe, but over the years we have expanded a lot. 

    More companies should be open to going global. But if managing different time zones is not for you, then focus on your own time zone. Plus or minus one 1 hour. 

    How much does it cost to hire a good developer?

    As with anything else, quality costs. Giving an assessment on price depends on these 3 factors: 

    • Level of experience. The more experienced, the higher the cost. Senior developers are in demand. And sometimes there is a lot to be won by giving a less senior developer a chance with a project. We have seen really good results with this approach. 
    • Technology stack. Some technologies are more in-demand than others. Choosing a popular technology can bankrupt your company. Think before you choose. We help a lot of companies avoid expensive mistakes. 
    • Geography. Some countries have lower living expenses than others. These countries have no or few domestic innovative multinational companies. Got big multinational companies working with innovative products? Then don’t expect to get any discounts. 
    Should I offer ownership to a developer?
    Offering shares, partnership, or options have become very popular. 
    The idea got traction in Scillion Valley. Since it has become quite standard for innovative growth companies. 
    We support the idea, but not in all cases. In a lot of countries ownership or options are not understood. It is a more recognized value in the Western World. This can mean that the extra effect can be less in less innovative parts of the world. Here a larger salary is more important. 
    Should a developer be able to speak English?
    In most cases: Yes. 

    In some countries like for instance Ukraine or Vietnam, the English level is less good. Both countries have thousands of very skilled developers. 

    In these cases, a project owner acts as a middleman. This person speaks and writes English. This is an extra level between you and the developer. It is good if you are less confident with specifications. If you like to work direct, it is bad.  It is also bad with poor English skills for social interactions.

    Don’t care about social stuff? Then working with non-English speakers is an opportunity. It can be cheaper since it is less in demand.

    How can I find a developer myself?
    There are a lot of ways to find developers without using a company like Teamcubate.  The downside is that it has become much harder for the untrained person to get any results. 
    • Good developers get offers weekly if not daily. 
    • Gaining interest is hard, and often the negotiation will be tough. 
    • If your company is a startup, and if you are on a budget, it is even harder. 
    On the positive side: It is not impossible. You need to be a true motivator and storyteller. You should have a natural talent for getting people to join you. And you should have a lot of hours and good patience. Then you’re set up for success.