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Take control of your distributed team. Find and hire only the right talent with our personal assistance before, during, and after the hire. 0 € recruitment fee.

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Teamcubate financial experts Sandra, Andrija, and Suzana.   

Case stories

Case: Valuer.ai builds AI technology for in-depth business analysis

Daniel Laursen from Valuer.ai explains how the company has built a full tech team with the Teamcubate recruitment platform. 

Case: How a growing accountancy firm has found hard-to-get financial talent

Carsten Andersen of Danish Economy and Bookkeeping Center has built a full financial team with the Teamcubate platform. 

Let the right talent to your company 


Teamcubate offers your company the full package of building and maintaining a team inside one of our hubs.
Recruitment and vetting of talent, office, logistical burdens. All something of the past.

Start for free

When you start working with Teamcubte it is always based on a no-cure-no-pay agreement. Our team will work together with your team to plan the execution of your needs just right. 

Control and transparency

With Teamcubate’s state-of-the-art HR platform you have complete overview and transparency into work done, contracts, recruitment, billing and much more. 

Cost efficient

With our model we aim for making it cheaper than a Do-It-Yourself solution. We remove all the hassle and let your company and team focus on your business. 

Integrate with ease

With our solutions it is easy to integrate your Teamcubate team into the rest of your organization. We always have room for your team in our office and help with everything practical.