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Hiring an In-house JavaScript Developer Vs. Outsourcing

Discover the pros and cons of hiring an in-house JavaScript developer vs. outsourcing. Make an informed decision for your business's development needs.

July 31, 2023

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Hiring an In-house JavaScript Developer Vs. Outsourcing

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What is the difference between hiring an in-house JavaScript developer vs. outsourcing? Which option is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one? How much does it cost to hire JavaScript Developer? Which option is cost friendly? You’ll get all the answers in this blog.

When a company is looking to hire a JavaScript developer, they often get confused about hiring. Whether they should hire an in-house developer or go for outsourcing.

What is In-House JavaScript Developer?

An in-house JavaScript developer works in an office or a mix of office and remote work. The developer uses the company’s equipment and facilities tools for the work. It's like regular employees who will work on your app or IT software. This process includes different steps. From posting jobs and reviewing applications to conducting interviews. After this whole process, you'll get the right people for the job.

Advantages of In-House JavaScript Developer

In-House Availability

Communication becomes very easy as you can talk to the developers and get quick answers to your questions.

Business Awareness

Developers who work for your company have a good understanding of your business and clients. They are familiar with the things. They are also aware of the company's culture.

Disadvantages of In-House JavaScript Developer

High Cost

When a company hires in-house employees, it requires spending a good amount of money. There comes the cost of insurance, taxes, paid leaves, and more. As the company gets bigger, they may need to spend more on workspaces.

Talking Leaves

When the in-office employee takes a lot of time off, it's called absenteeism. This can cause problems with finishing projects on time.

Job Switching

In-house employees may leave their jobs because other companies offer better. This causes the company to have low retention rates.

Where can you find in-house JavaScript Developers?

Finding JavaScript developers who work at your company takes time. There are different mediums to find them. You can post on recruiting websites where people look for jobs. These websites connect you with the developers you want. You can also try going to technology events or hackathons. Finally, you might find good candidates through campus placements. Make sure to have Your Budget Plan for JavaScript Developer before hiring.

What is Outsourcing JavaScript Developers?

Outsourcing means hiring a developer who is not part of your company to work on development. When you outsource, you use the people and things from another company to get things done. The main reason people outsource is to save money and avoid doing some of the work themselves.

Advantages of Outsourcing JavaScript Developer

Finding Talent from Large Scale

Outsourcing helps you find talented developers with different skills. You can hire these outsourcing candidates from anywhere. You can hire a JavaScript developer in a combination of remote and in-person arrangements.

Focus on the Main Things

You can give tasks to an outsourced JavaScript developer. This way, you can give attention to essential things for your business. This outsourced developer has special skills to help with all parts of a project.


Hiring a team outside can be cheaper than having one inside the company. You don't need to interview people, pay high salaries, or provide workspaces. Instead, you can pay hourly or for the whole project and trust that the work will be done.

Less Time Requirement

When it comes to hiring a JavaScript developer, it might take a long time. But outsourcing can help you get the right people quickly.

Quick Project Completion

In outsourcing, the developers will work on your projects, whether big or small. They will finish the work faster than your developers. Many companies can help you with outsourcing JavaScript developers.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing JavaScript Developers

Poor Communication

Communication can be a problem for outsourcing developers. They might need help to understand what you need. This can cause delays in work.

Different Time Zone

Differences in time zones can cause delays in communication. This might make work schedules longer than required.

Work Quality

The outsourced developer might need to meet your expectations. It's because of communication issues and time differences.

Where can you find Outsourcing JavaScript Developers?

Websites like LinkedIn and MeetUp are good places to find skilled JavaScript developers. These sites connect professionals and allow you to search for JavaScript developers. Remember to have a Contract Negotiation with JavaScript Developers. Remember to discuss the terms of the contract. If you want to go through the hassle of searching and negotiating, try Teamcubate. They take care of all the challenging work and find you a developer at a reasonable price.

In-House Developer Vs. Outsourcing

Man Coding in a Laptop


In-House Developer 

Outsourcing Developer

Time to Hire

Nearly 30 to 40 days 

1 to 2 weeks 


There are only a certain amount of developers working locally.
Your location is also essential in this case.

You will have plenty of options.  


The number of people on the team limits the speed of in-house development.

You can easily create temporary teams by outsourcing work to others or companies.
This can help speed up the development process.


Talking in person is smoother and simpler, but it can make you lose focus and lead to unnecessary chatting.

Talking virtually is not as smooth as talking to them in person.
But it helps avoid getting distracted.
Hiring people from different countries might challenge you with a language barrier. So, it is important to find a developer that can understand the language you use.


You need to give them training. This takes some time and work. 

An outsourcing developer saves you time, and cost. Because they have a good experience. They can start to work quickly. They are good at managing tasks and working independently. However, they may not feel as personally invested in your project as you do.


May cost higher due to training and other in-house benefits 

Cost friendly because of no benefits and training cost. 


Hiring in-house or outsourcing? The decision is up to you. We have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of both options. Understand your need and choose wisely.

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