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How Much Does it Cost to Hire JavaScript Developer?

Learn how much it costs to hire a JavaScript developer. Understand the various factors influencing the pricing. Explore the budget considerations and pricing models.

July 31, 2023

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire JavaScript Developer?

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The cost to hire a JavaScript developer will depend on the project, expectations and time limit. The cost to hire a Junior developer may be less compared to an expert in JavaScript development.

This blog is about How much it Costs to Hire a JavaScript Developer. In this blog, we will explain different factors that affect the hiring cost of a JavaScript developer. Also, we will talk about how you can get a skilled JavaScript developer suitable for your project.

Are the JavaScript Developers in Demand in 2023?

So, are the JavaScript developers still in demand? The answer is YES! JavaScript is a very popular object-oriented web programming language in 2023. Here are some reasons why JavaScript is still in demand:

1. JavaScript is a stable programming language with a proven track.

2. JavaScript provides compatibility with cues written in very older versions.

3. The usage of JavaScript is vast. It includes developing Android applications, web applications development, trading applications, e-commerce, and more.

And the list is long.

Anyone looking to develop their application in JavaScript needs to hire a JavaScript developer. The language is still in demand, and so does the JavaScript developers. A skilled JavaScript developer ensures you have someone with in-depth knowledge of JavaScript.

What are the Required Skills in JavaScript Developers?

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JavaScript developer needs to be good in the following skills:

  • Familiar with the latest JavaScript version (JavaScript 21)
  • Knowledge of IntelliJ or Eclipse
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring boot
  • Object-oriented design and analysis
  • System design
  • SQL (Structural Query Language) and ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

What is the Average Cost to Hire a JavaScript Developer in 2023?

Hiring a skilled JavaScript developer is essential for building web applications. The hiring cost of a JavaScript developer varies based on several factors. An expert JavaScript developer may charge higher but will be able to work on a complex project. A junior JavaScript developer will charge less and may take some time to complete the challenging task.

How to Decide the Cost to Hire a JavaScript Developer?

If you want to hire a JavaScript developer, the process is simple, with few steps. But, before hiring, it's important to focus on your budget plan for a JavaScript developer. It is essential to have a fixed budget before initiating the hiring process. Planning your budget involves several factors.

What are the Basic Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a JavaScript Developer?

You can find and hire a JavaScript developer even if you have no programming experience. The cost of hiring a JavaScript developer depends on many factors. It includes experience, location, project requirements and more. Let's discuss each element and how it affects hiring a JavaScript developer. Let's discuss each of them:

Experience/Skill Level

There are various skill levels, Fresher, intermediate or expert. The choice matters on your requirements. The level of experience matters when hiring a JavaScript developer. Freshers with less experience may expect less salary than experts with extensive knowledge. For example, junior JavaScript developers have limited professional experience. But they have a foundational understanding of JavaScript development. That makes them suitable for less complex projects.

Project Time Limit

Consider the time limit to complete your project. In case of strict deadlines, it must need an extra developer or expert and a reasonable price.

Project Complexity

Your project's scope and complexity are important in price planning. A big and complex project needs expert JavaScript developers. An expert may take more payment than junior or intermediate developers.


The living standard varies based on location. This affects the salary exceptions of the JavaScript developer. A developer living in high-cost regions like Europe or America may charge higher than one in Asia. The living standard plays a vital role in cost expectations.

Type of Employment

The kind of employment you choose also affects the budget. Hiring a full-time developer adds extra costs to the budget. That includes health benefits, taxes, hardware costs, and more. But, hiring a freelancer or contract-based JavaScript developer helps you control costs. Hourly rates of JavaScript developer varies from $25 to $150 based on location and experience.

Considering each given point, you can plan your budget that aligns with your need. A well-allocated budget helps you to utilise the resource and manage the finance.

What are the Other Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a JavaScript Developer?

We have discussed some basic factors affecting the cost of hiring a JavaScript developer. Let's look at other uncommon factors.

In-house JavaScript Developer vs Outsourcing

There are two options: Hiring an In-house JavaScript developer vs outsourcing. An In-house JavaScript developer is a full-time employee working in your office. Outsourcing means hiring a freelancer or contract-based developer. Each option has its pros, which should be carefully observed. Hiring an in-house JavaScript developer will allow you to handpick the candidate. But are, the in-house developer may cost you more than outsourcing. Why? Because of the taxes, health benefits, training expenses and hardware equipment. You can choose a full-time or freelancer based on your project need and budget.


The cost of hiring a JavaScript developer varies based on many factors. When it comes to cost, it's important to keep negotiation in mind. Whether hiring full-time or contract-based, do the contract negotiation with JavaScript developers. Negotiation allows both parties to communicate their expectations.

Cost of Hiring Process

The longer the hiring process takes, the more it costs. If hiring a JavaScript developer takes a good amount of time, more money will be spent on hiring a team. Make a compact hiring process that is simple.


The cost of hiring a JavaScript developer relies on different factors. Whether you hire an in-house employee or go for a freelancer, it is up to you. But the important thing is to focus on project complexity, deadline, and budget. This will help you to determine the cost of hiring a JavaScript developer. Above all, it is important to hire a skilled JavaScript developer. Their expertise will contribute to the success of your project.

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