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How Do I Find a Good Flutter Developer

Find the best Flutter developer for your project with our comprehensive guide. Learn what skills to look for, how to write an effective job description, interview tips, and different hiring models to meet your app development needs

June 7, 2023

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How Do I Find a Good Flutter Developer

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To hire a Flutter developer, you will need to know how to find a good Flutter developer to make you a flawless mobile app.

You need a special strategy and methodologies while hiring to guarantee that you find the best applicant for the position. These can assist you in evaluating a candidate's technical capabilities, problem-solving abilities, and creativity. But also their fit with your company's culture and values.

In this article, we tell you the specific tips and questions you need to ask in order to find a perfect Flutter developer. Let’s dive in. 

Why Choose to Hire a Flutter Developer?

Hiring a Flutter developer or a team can result in faster project completion times and a faster time-to-market. Also, having such a developer on your team can help you to:

  • Build one app that is compatible with various platforms;
  • Have publicly accessible code that is easy to modify;
  • Save money on developers;
  • Have customizable UI design;
  • Have numerous widgets option;
  • Save resources and time on testing;
  • Have incredible performance of your app;
  • Have access to native features.

Flutter is a perfect choice for startups developing their first app. However, it is great for big corporations as well if they are looking for flawless app user experience across numerous platforms.

5 Tips on How to Find a Good Flutter Developer

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To find a good Flutter developer, follow the next tips. Once you understand everything, ensure to go through the best practice for hiring a Flutter developer.

1. Crucial Flutter developer skills

The first thing you want to do is determine the crucial skills your Flutter developer needs. These skills will largely depend on the job requirements. The following skills are universal skills that you should seek when you want to hire a Flutter developer:

  • Thoroughly knowledge of Flutter and Dart programming language;
  • Basic knowledge of Agile development;
  • Understanding of version control systems;
  • Knowledge of any other programming language like Kotlin;
  • Experience with code optimization and the ability to create readable code;
  • Basic knowledge of SQL;
  • Good social skills.

Because Flutter is still a new language, it's critical that your developer not only understands Flutter but also has development experience in other languages. Despite the novelty of the technology, this experience enables developers to quickly absorb the new language and grow at a high level.

A developer must also have strong social skills. This implies English skills as well as the ability to be proactive and communicate effectively and politely in a team setting. Ensure that your developer possesses all of these skills during the interview. 

2. Flutter developer qualifications

The second thing you need to determine is the skill level your Flutter developer needs to have. There are three major categories based on developers' expertise and years of experience:

  • Junior Developer
  • Medior Developer
  • Senior Developer

Junior developers usually have around one year of experience. They have prior programming skills and are able to accomplish simple Flutter projects.

Medior developers usually have from two to five years of experience, while senior developers have 5+ years of experience. Also, medior and senior Flutter developers have 3 to 5 years of expertise in other languages. They can create suitable business logic and provide a Flutter application without any difficulties.

If you want to develop a bit complex app without heavy supervision that finishes your project on time and within budget, choose medior or senior developer.

Overall, most experienced Flutter developers have up to 3 years of Flutter programming experience. These developers are frequently more skilled in native iOS or Android languages, and they can master Flutter faster.

3. Job description matters

A neat composition of a job ad with we are hiring description on the desk with the woman writing on a laptop. ‍

A job description is essential during the recruiting process, no matter the job position. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a Flutter developer requires a well-written job description:

  • Establishing clear expectations - A job description helps establish clear expectations for the role and what the candidate should have. This can ensure the candidate knows the job's criteria and responsibilities if hired.

  • Recruiting the best candidates - A well-written job description can assist in attracting qualified candidates. The job description can attract individuals with the essential qualifications and who are a good match for the position by clearly stating the abilities, experience, and duties of the position.

  • Speed the hiring process - A good job description can assist in speeding the hiring process by outlining the role and what is expected of the candidate. Ensuring that only eligible people are considered for the post, this can save time and resources.

  • Making the interview process easier - A job description can be used as a guide throughout the interview process. It can assist the interviewer in asking relevant questions and determining the candidate's suitability for the role.

4. Ask the right questions

Probably the most important thing is the questions you prepare for the interview. These are the technical skills and soft skills questions. Here is an example of queries you should consider when hiring a developer or building an effective Flutter team.

Technical skill questions (hard skill questions)

Technical or hard skills are skills a person gains through experience. It is those skills that are learned in specific environments, such as writing code. Here are some technical questions you should ask when interviewing a Flutter developer.

  • What is the Future in Dart?
  • What is your knowledge of SQL?
  • Explain what the setState() method does.
  • What is the Spread operator?

There are numerous questions you can ask that is related to Flutter. Do a little research according to your app needs, and form a few more questions that are related both to applicant skills and Flutter. 

Soft skill questions

Soft skills are personal skills that allow someone to engage with others efficiently. These questions will depend on the number of your team members and the internal culture of your company.

Here are some soft skill questions you should ask when interviewing a Flutter developer.

  • Tell us about the most difficult challenge you faced in your career and how you handled it.
  • If you had a conflict with your colleague, and you know he/she was wrong. What would you do?
  • What would you do if you realized you couldn't fulfill the deadline?

Developers interact with a variety of clients throughout their careers. Thus, excellent communication, patience, time management, and other soft skills are necessary. This way, they will leverage their positive attitude to form strong client connections.

5. What kind of engagement model do you need?

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Many firms in the United States and Asia, particularly India, are in great demand for Flutter developers. Now, businesses can take advantage of the flexibility of hiring these developers. 

Flexibility means hiring developers on different packages, known as engagement models. These models are designed to fulfill the app development needs of diverse enterprises. Models are classified into three types: 

  • Part-time Hiring Model;
  • Hourly-basis Hiring  Model;
  • App Development Team Hiring Model.

Part-time Hiring Model

A part-time job is a common type of non-traditional employment. It is typically defined as working around 30 hours per week, which is around 4 hours of work per day. You can hire a Flutter developer for a fixed number of hours, depending on the type of project you need. 

The salary will be less than it would be if you hired a full-time Flutter developer. Their role is to work on your project according to a timeline that you and they agree on, and you have authority over them at that time. Usually, this hiring model is great for the app’s maintenance.  

Hourly-basis Hiring Model

An hourly employee is a person you pay for the number of hours they work. Employees are paid a specific hourly rate and are generally eligible for overtime pay if necessary. Hiring a developer on an hourly basis is ideal when you need to improve functionality or transfer your app from one platform to another.

The salary will be determined by the number of hours worked. As a result, it must be determined ahead of time to prevent further fees. This is short-term employment that typically requires roughly 25 hours of labor spread out across a few days.

App Development Team Hiring Model

The team hiring model means employing full-time Flutter developers. In this case, the startup handles the administrative role of managing the staff. Team members report daily, and they receive project workflow instructions straight from the startup's management.

A project manager, developers, designers, quality assurance, and other professionals required for the app's development will be on your team. This hiring model benefits a full-fledged team working on your project.  The hiring period is often one month or longer, comprising full-time labor of eight hours every day. Such a model is perfect for larger projects. 

In Conclusion 

Find a good Flutter developer by following the given tips. Once you determine their skills and qualifications and write a concise job description with the right question for the interview, you can hire a Flutter developer according to the needed engagement model.

Bear in mind that your project type and its complexity will largely depend on all of the mentioned factors. Once you have everything determined about your project, start your search for your perfect Flutter developer.

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