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Best Practice for Hiring a Flutter Developer

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June 7, 2023

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Best Practice for Hiring a Flutter Developer

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To hire a Flutter developer, you need to determine your project scope, its complexity, and of course, your budget. That’s the first step of the recruitment process.  Then, in order to avoid mistakes and poor recruitment selection, you need to know the best practice for hiring a Flutter developer. 

We discussed why Flutter is so popular right now and why its popularity will not decrease anytime soon. Also, we mentioned where and how to find good developers and what options you have available when finding the best Flutter developers. 

Why Choose to Hire a Flutter Developer?

As open-source frameworks are evolving, Flutter's popularity is rapidly growing. This means that its popularity and usage will not drop in the near future. Even though Flutter was released in 2017, and it is a pretty new framework, today, this platform has:

  • Constantly growing community;
  • Incredible support;
  • Exceptional technological capabilities;
  • Numerous popular, flawless apps;
  • Continuing development advancement.

Flutter 3.0 was published around a year ago - on May 11th, 2022. Today, the framework is still improving with technological advancements forwarding the framework. The main advantages Flutter provides to companies and teams include the following:

  • A single codebase for various platforms;
  • Faster time to market;
  • The costs of development, testing, and maintenance are lower than for native apps;
  • Apps developed with Flutter perform equivalent to native mobile apps;
  • Flawless support for mobile and desktop applications for Flutter teams.

How Do I Find a Good Flutter Developer

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Finding a good Flutter developer is quite tricky. Demand for Flutter-experienced developers is continually rising and quickly outnumbers available developers. The key to attracting Flutter developers is to promote your company as a desirable place for developers to invest their time, skill, and hard-earned expertise. 

Showing your organization as a place full of creative ideas, a clear strategy for the future, and a place where different ideas and creativity thrive can go a long way toward recruiting the best developers. To find your perfect match, check out our blog about how to find a good Flutter developer. 

Best Practice for Hiring a Flutter Developer

Recruiting a professional Flutter developer means a developer with a proper combination of technical, soft, and communication skills. Which we discussed in the previous-mentioned blog.

Recruitment fees can be high, and the process might take a while. However, the following practices will help you facilitate this process. Here’s how to find the best match to fill in your position as a Flutter developer.

Flutter development companies

If you want to build an effective Flutter team or hire a single developer, find Flutter development companies. Such companies specialize in building mobile apps using Flutter and have many developers to offer. 

This way of hiring is called outsourcing. In simple words, it means that you, as a company, hire a third-party company to fulfil all your business tasks and needs for a certain project. Insourcing, on the other hand, means hiring a person, team, or the whole department for a full-time position to do different kidneys of projects. 

Thus, finding a Flutter development company means outsourcing your Flutter project. You need to send an inquiry to see if they have any available developers who can work on your project. This can result in several potential solutions, such as hiring individual Flutter developers for your team through staff augmentation. Another option can be a proposal for a dedicated team model in which the Flutter app development company takes full responsibility for a portion of your project.

Also, these companies usually have a lot of experience working with other teams and companies. You can easily find your best match, and also, this can be a much cheaper option than finding a full-time Flutter developer for your company. 

IT development companies

Another way to outsource your developers is to connect with IT recruitment companies. Just like Flutter companies, IT companies offer Flutter services. If you choose to hire a Flutter developer from these companies, you will benefit in terms of the following:

  • Control over the Flutter team, project, time, and responsibilities;
  • Alignment with your business culture;
  • Tapping into their creativity to establish ownership of their work. 

Do you want to hire a remote offshore Flutter developer? Or maybe you want to build your own Flutter team? In both cases, IT development companies have the solutions. They provide all kinds of services to meet your hiring needs.

The only difference between Flutter and IT developer companies is that Flutter companies offer only Flutter services, while IT recruitment companies offer not only Flutter but many diverse development services. 

Freelance Flutter Developers

Two freelance developers, a woman and a man, sitting in the backyard on a sunny day, at the table with their laptops on, smiling, talking, and working together. ‍

Freelance work is a self-employment kind of work where the worker has no boss or other superior. Freelancers often operate as self-employed individuals, providing services on a contract or project basis. Luckily, there are many freelance Flutter developers available.

You can find them on platforms such as Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and so on. Each of these platforms has to offer a range of developers. You can browse through their profile and see their experience and even their work. 

There are different skill-level developers available. You can choose from those junior ones to professional ones, see their average hourly rate, and contact them for more information. 

Job Ads

If you don’t want to recruit developers from hiring companies or freelancers, you can always choose the good-old job advertising. Publish your job ad on job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. 

These job sites are popular among job seekers and can help you in finding experienced Flutter developers for your project. Bear in mind that a well-written job description is essential for employing this strategy.

Other platforms for finding developers

Besides the mentioned ways of finding Flutter developers, there are other platforms where you can find your perfect match for this job position.

One of those platforms is Stack Overflow and Reddit. These are the online platforms where usually all kinds of developers, and other IT experts, discuss topic-related things. You can always join these communities and publish a post that you are looking for a Flutter developer.

Another way to find a developer is by attending technology-related conferences and meetups. You can connect with developers, ask questions, and learn about their experience. Finding Flutter developers for your project will need a combination of online and offline networking, as well as a focused approach to Flutter developers and companies.

Once you figure out where you will find your match for this position, think about the following topics.

Differences between time zones

Companies can hire workers from anywhere, thanks to remote work. However, time zone variations can be a significant obstacle to cooperation and communication. This can make it difficult for businesses to operate effectively with remote employees in different countries, prompting them to look elsewhere for talent. 

While most remote Flutter developers can work alone, it is critical to have at least a few hours of overlap in typical working hours. Doing this will facilitate effective planning, real-time communication, and cooperation.

Salary expectations

Remote employment is very competitive. The ability to hire developers from different countries with lower wages than those in other countries is a big plus for all sorts of companies. However, corporations still utilize technology to achieve a competitive advantage in their respective areas. 

Nevertheless, Junior and Medior Flutter developers can develop simple mobile apps. However, you can find a professional Flutter developer, with 5+ years of experience for the same wage of a Junior and Medior developer, just in another country. 

This is very important to know because Flutter salaries can vary a lot according to your worker's destination. For instance, you can find senior developers in Southern and Eastern Europe for a great deal of money.

In Conclusion 

To hire a Flutter developer, you will need to know a few crucial things. Once you determine everything related to your project, it is essential to learn the best practices for hiring such a developer. 

The above practices will help you find the best Flutter developer according to your project and business needs. Aside from that, always consider your budget and the place you want to hire your developer from. 

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