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Future of Flutter Development

Uncover the potential of Flutter development. Learn why it's the future of cross-platform applications, how it simplifies development with a single codebase, and why companies worldwide prefer it. Understand why Flutter developers are high in demand.

June 4, 2023

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Future of Flutter Development 

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As Flutter is still a new framework, established in May 2017, it still has the time to show its incredible capabilities. While some people are still skeptical about it, many see this framework's real power and potential. 

In this article today, we will explain the future of Flutter development. We made a list of 9 reasons why your business should opt for such a developer and what kind of benefits you will gain.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source framework. This means that it’s accessible to anyone - anyone can see it, use it, and modify it as they wish. This framework uses Dart as a programming language, and its biggest advantage is its cross-platform feature.

Cross-platform means that the developer creates a single codebase for different operating systems and platforms. Long story short - you don’t have to hire three different developers for one single app. Flutter will do all that!

Thanks to a single codebase, Flutter developers can create scalable, high-performance, applications with attractive and functional UI for Android and iOS devices.

Are companies using Flutter?

Yes, many companies use Flutter developers widely around the world. Thus, the demand for Flutter development is raising its bar each day. To be precise, according to Statista reports and their survey from 2021, Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework.

In fact, one of the most popular apps is made with the Flutter framework, including:

  • Alibaba
  • Google Ads
  • eBay Motors
  • Reflectly
  • Hamilton

Why Should I Hire Flutter Developer?

Hire a Flutter developer if:

  • You need a mobile application for various operating systems and platforms;
  • You want a faster time-to-market;
  • You want to spend less time and money on testing;
  • You want a cost- and time-effective developing experience;
  • You want easy maintenance and updates on your apps;
  • You want an outstanding performance of your app;
  • You want exceptional credibility gained worldwide.

Future of Flutter Development 

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If you are still thinking, are Flutter developers in demand, here are ten reasons why these developers are the future!

  1. Single codebase feature

Flutter uses a single codebase, which simplifies the whole app development process. This means that developers create a single codebase that can be used for both iOS and Android platforms. 

By creating an app with Flutter, you will reduce the developing time and the time to market. A single codebase also reduces the amount of testing and maintenance required while increasing efficiency and productivity.

  1. Reducing the time of app development

At some approximate time, developers will need around two to six months to develop your app, depending on the app's complexity. No matter the case, the secret of the faster development time of Flutter is that it can be used for six different platforms with one codebase. Also, the variety of widgets components can easily be updated and customized, contributing to the overall efficiency. 

  1. Reducing the cost of app development

Aside from reducing the time, Flutter reduces the app development cost. How? Well, instead of hiring three different developers for three different platforms, one Flutter developer will finish all that work by himself.

Also, even though the cost will largely depend on many factors, it is still a cheaper option than hiring a native app developer. While a native developer can cost you around $70 per hour in the US, a Flutter developer can cost you $45. Long story short - the Flutter app will cost you 30% less than creating two native apps. This is a great option, especially if you are a start-up.

  1. Unlimited widgets
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Flutter includes an incredible set of widgets for your app’s UI interface. And the best thing about this set of widgets is that all of them are easily customizable and reusable. 

  1. Exceptional performances

Flutter is popular for its incredible performance and the ability to master it pretty quickly. Thanks to Dart - its programming language, it features a high-speed frame rate. 

This approach allows developers to reach a wider audience without significant costs. Additionally, it reduces the time spent on development compared to developing separate apps for each platform.

  1. Hot Reload feature

Hot Reload is another incredible feature that the Flutter framework has. It means your developer can instantly change and update your app and see the result. It is a feature that lets you place an updated source code into a running app without waiting for the app to rebuild or relaunch.

  1. Perfect match for MVPs

You can hire a Flutter developer without being a big corporate agency. If you are still a start-up with a limited budget and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) solution, Flutter is your ally. 

Flutter makes developing MVPs and receiving user feedback simply because of its low development costs and time-to-market. It provides all the necessary tools needed for app development. Aside from that, it integrates well with cloud platforms such as Firebase and AWS. It offers features like storage, hosting, analytics, and authentication.

Another plus is that Flutter uses Dart as a programming language, which is much easier to learn than JavaScript. Plus, Flutter removes most of the platform-related issues from developers because it is application-oriented rather than platform-oriented.

  1. Increasing Flutter community
Three colleagues, two men and a woman, developers, working together at the office, looking at the computer screen and laptop, discussing the development process.

The Flutter community is becoming bigger and bigger by the day. For instance, as of January 2021, Flutter has become the most popular database on GitHub, with over 110,000 stars, surpassing React Native.

More and more developers use Flutter, contributing to its advancement by creating additional widgets, plugins, and packages. This implies that Flutter is constantly changing and improving its capabilities.

Furthermore, Flutter has a large developer community actively sharing information and best practices, offering assistance, and helping create new features. This promotes a collaborative atmosphere and allows developers to learn from one another, eventually enriching the framework.

  1. Automated testing

Application testing needs time and money investment. However, you can simplify and ease this work by using Flutter as your cross-platform app development platform. Furthermore, automated testing, which Flutter features, allows developers to quickly validate the app's usability, functionality, and user interface.

Experts perform automated tests in various areas while maintaining the app's features and bug-fixing speed. Such testing categories include unit, widget, and integration testing.

Why is Flutter the Future of Mobile App Development?

 A developer creating an app design on paper, the development flow, apps look, and UX and UI process, at the office at the desk on a bright day.

Aside from the mentioned reasons why you should choose and hire a Flutter developer, here are a few factors that directly influence the reasons why Flutter is the future of mobile app development.

  • Growing demand for cross-platform frameworks - Flutter is a great option for businesses and developers searching for methods to reach a broader audience. Also, it reduces development costs due to its ability to produce apps for many platforms using a single codebase.
  • Importance of mobile widgets - The role of widgets is becoming even more significant as the mobile app development market grows. This makes Flutter a great choice for developers wishing to create creative, aesthetically appealing apps.
  • Demand for Dart programming language - Dart is gaining popularity because of its simplicity and ease of usage. Thus, more and more developers are opting for Flutter.
  • The high growth of the Flutter community - The Flutter community is fast expanding and contributing to the framework's progress. With more developers contributing to Flutter, additional features, tools, and libraries are introduced, making Flutter more powerful and adaptable.
  • Rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) - With a growing number of IoT devices, there is an increasing demand for application developers who can build apps that can interface with these devices. Flutter's compatibility with numerous devices and platforms makes it ideal for this application development.

In Conclusion 

If you are in doubt about whether to hire a Flutter developer or not, here’s your solution. If you want reduced time and cost for creating your app with the highest performance and fast time to market, choose Flutter. 

Its community is growing by the minute, with constant updates, assistance, and new practices. The future of Flutter development is here, and it is in such demand that it is not going down but rather getting bigger every day.  

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