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Are Flutter Developers in Demand

Explore the rising demand for Flutter developers and understand why they're valuable for cross-platform mobile app development. Get insights into Flutter's advantages, learning curve, and comparison with React Native. Discover why you should consider hiring a Flutter developer.

03 june, 2023

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Are Flutter Developers in Demand

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In the sea of many different and available frameworks, many are still wondering are Flutter developers in demand. Even though it is still a new framework, it is in high demand thanks to its cross-platform development feature. 

The future of Flutter development is here because the need for experienced and talented developers has grown in recent years, particularly in the mobile app sector. And we all know that mobile apps are the future. This increase in demand is directly linked to the advantages of working with Flutter.

Is Flutter Still in Demand?

Over the last couple of years, the need for Flutter developers has grown rapidly because of its many advantages. This is most visible in the mobile app development market because developers use a single code base to create cross-platform apps.

Cross-platform apps are apps that developers make with a single codebase that is reusable and compatible with other platforms on your smartphone, laptop, PC, or TV. This means that you don’t have to hire another developer to create the same app for different devices and operational systems. Flutter can do all that!

So if you are asking is Flutter still in demand, we would say that its popularity is growing each day! Aside from Flutter’s excellent compatibility with mobile apps, the demand for those experts among developers is the highest. This is because it is easy to learn, unlike React Native, has rapidly developed communities, and is highly advantageous to deploy in large-scale enterprises. 

Why is Flutter so Popular?

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There are several reasons why Flutter is so popular. Here are the main ones:

Singe Codebase Platform

Flutter is a single codebase platform. This means your developer can create one app with a single codebase compatible with different operating systems like iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

Open Source Option 

Flutter is open source framework that is free to use. It is tremendously efficient, inventive, and scalable. One of the main advantages of such an option is that it saves money in the long term. This is because of its ease of use and unique features that accelerate the work dynamic.

Developers can create a new template from scratch or pick from various pre-made designs. Flutter is a collection of various advantages available for free to anyone who wants to use them.

Hot Reload Option

Hot reload is a Flutter feature that allows developers to change codes and see results immediately without restarting the app. This allows developers to fix errors more quickly and better manage their processes.

Modular Software Design

Because of its ability to compile using native SDKs (software development kits), Flutter can be used to target various platforms. This makes the entire development process easier by leveraging a single codebase for different devices.

The most significant advantage is that developers can change the source code based on a specific platform. As a result, the software runs quickly and smoothly. 

App maintenance is also a huge benefit. Developers only need to conduct database compilation once for multiple-app usage. This same codebase works seamlessly with all UI components that come with it.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Flutter?

You will need around three months to learn Flutter with Dart. However, the length will depend on three things:

  • Your prior programming experience;
  • Your learning style;
  • Your pace.

This is important because if you've done any programming previously, you'll find Dart and Flutter simple to learn. On the other hand, if you are new to programming, you will need more time. 

However, even if you are totally new, don’t worry. Different learning platforms, like YouTube tutorials and online courses, help you learn easily. Those online courses are often free of charge, and you can find them on platforms like:

  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Coursera
  • EdX
  • Udecity

However, the time it takes to learn Flutter depends not on which Flutter courses you take but on whether you have prior programming experience. It all boils down to how much work you put in if you're a beginner, just like any other activity.

Also, if you want to hire a Flutter developer, remember to provide them with the newest features they can work on and perfect their skills. 

Is Flutter Better than React Native?

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Both Flutter and React Native are great frameworks. They both have advantages and disadvantages that we can see down below. However, the overall impression is that Flutter is easier to learn and master. 

Advantages of Flutter

The future of Flutter development is reflected through its advantages which are:

  • Framework rich with widgets;
  • Well-organized documentation;
  • Requires less testing;
  • Its community is fast growing;
  • Hot Realod feature;
  • Applications are extremely fast;
  • Can create web apps thanks to Flutter 2;
  • Use the same UI for different devices;
  • Continuous advancements in web development.

Disadvantages of Flutter

Just like any framework, this one too has some drawbacks, and those are:

  • Quiet limited in tools and libraries;
  • The Flutter is not a native framework - it is cross-platform.

A no-native framework means that Flutter is not specifically used and built for a specific operating system, for instance, iOS. It is rather cross-platform, meaning developers create an app with one-time coding that you can use on different platforms. 

Advantages of React Native

React Native is another cross-platform framework extremely popular. It is used for building the most popular social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. React Native uses JavaScript as a programming language to create mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. 

Just like Flutter, it uses one codebase for developing apps. This one as well has its own advantages, which are:

  • Reusability of the code;
  • Established, supportive community;
  • Saves time on testing;
  • Hot Realod feature;
  • One codebase for different platforms;
  • Faster speed development;
  • Reactjs can work in Native;
  • Incredible app performances;
  • Budget-friendly development.

Disadvantages of React Native

When it comes to disadvantages of React Native, those are:

  • Not a Native framework (just like Flutter);
  • Does not feature a lot of components;
  • Limited in features and libraries;
  • The app’s UI can be easily broken.

When it comes to a time to hire a Flutter developer, you might ask yourself which one is better, Flutter or React Native. Both are pretty similar, as you can see. They have almost the same pros and cons. 

The main difference is that Flutter developers use Dart as a programming language, while React Native developers use JavaScript. And as for the developers, Flutter is easier to learn and master. In conclusion, it is up to you to decide which one you will hire!

In Conclusion 

If you want to hire a Flutter developer, you should know the answer to the question - Are Flutter developers in demand? The answer is simple, yes, they are, and the need for such developers is rising each day.

They are in high demand due to the great possibility of reusing a single codebase on multiple different platforms. They are perfect for developing mobile apps across all operating systems and for anyone who wants high-quality user interfaces and experiences.

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