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Your budget plan for Ruby On Rails developer

Your budget plan for Ruby On Rails developer will not depend only on your financial stability but on many other factors discussed in today's blog.

July 18, 2023

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Your budget plan for Ruby On Rails developer

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If you own a company or small business, then you know that making a budget is a must. It can be a bit tiring, though. But with the help of financial management, it can be much easier. 

Your budget plan for Ruby on Rails developer is also a must. Just like employing any other worker. But, making a budget plan for developers with different engagement models is different. Let’s find out how to hire a Ruby developer. We will also discuss the budget, the overall cost, and the ways of hiring. 

Why do I need a Ruby on Rails developer?

Even though Ruby on Rails is an older framework, it is still efficient. It uses a system of development that reduces code repetition. This is great for saving time. But also great for creating unique code.

If you need a high-performance web platform, RoR is for you. It is always a good choice if you need to develop various tasks for your web app. Because Ruby on Rails employs a small amount of code, it is easy to discover and correct mistakes. Ruby on Rails designers design, build, and manage Ruby code.

The difference between a Ruby developer and a Ruby on Rails developer

Ruby is a programming language. Ruby on Rails, or RoR, is a web application framework. RoR extends the Ruby language. Both are very popular. Both are suitable for various programming tasks.

Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework. This is a software framework. You can use it to create web apps. But also application programming interface (APIs). A Ruby on Rails developer is an expert in web and mobile app development. It creates code for app development in the Ruby on Rails interface. These developers also be

  • Software engineer
  • Lead developer
  • Front end developer
  • A web developer 

A Ruby developer is a backend software developer. This means they create the databases, libraries, and logic that make up an application.

How much does it cost to hire a Ruby On Rails Developer?

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The cost to hire a Ruby on Rails developer can vary. The average price in the USA for a RoR developer is $50 per hour. But the cost will depend on a couple of things. Those are:

  • The developer’s experience
  • The developer's location
  • Engagement model

Take into consideration these factors, and the cost will change. For instance, you cannot pay the same amount of money for junior and for senior developers. The more experience developer has, the more money they will cost.

Also, the location is a big factor as well. The senior developer from India will not cost you the same as a senior in the USA. Hiring a senior RoR developer from the USA can cost you $103,000 annually. Hiring a senior RoR developer from India can cost you around  $2,440 annually. That’s a big difference.

This is due to the fact that standards are different between continents. For instance, RoR salaries in Canada and the US are similar. But Asia is the most cost-effective continent. Especially the country of India.

Last but not least, salaries can also depend on the engagement models. There are three

  • Time and material model
  • Fixed price model
  • Dedicated development team model

Each one of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. While a dedicated model might be the most expensive one, it is the most efficient one. The fixed price model is the cheapest but very inflexible. Time and material model is the best. It is not so expensive, yet it allows negotiating and flexibility. 

Your budget plan for Ruby On Rails developer

Once you have made a decision to hire a Ruby on Rose developer, you need to determine the budget. You will determine the budget according to the hiring cost analysis. 

Calculating your cost per hire is an essential aspect of controlling your finances. Calculate the cost per hire: internal cost + external cost / total number of hires = cost per hire.

Don’t forget that the budget will depend on the developer itself. You have to explore the marketplace. You need to determine what type of developer you need. Junior, medior, or senior. 

Choose the location you are hiring from. Is that the same location you want your developer to be? If you are shorter on the budget, think about hiring a professional from Asia, India. This can be a cost-effective decision in the long run. Only when you know the answers you will have your budget plan for hiring a Ruby on Rails developer.

Hiring an In-house Ruby On Rails Developer Vs. Outsourcing

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Once you know the budget and the type of developer you need, it’s time to hire. You will have two options. Hiring an in-house Ruby on Rails developer vs. outsourcing

In-house hiring means that your company handles everything. This implies the whole process. From candidate management to scheduling interviews. The person responsible for this is usually the HR (human resources). That person also does:

  • Managing the recruiting and hiring efforts
  • Searching for the right candidate
  • Doing administration work
  • Doing operational and employee development 

This process is also known as internal recruitment. It means you are hiring a full-time developer for your company. It can work in the office or remotely. This also means you must pay all the fees, taxes, and monthly salary.

But, this process can be tiring. There are so many hiring platforms. There are so many candidates. Yet, you can never be sure that you picked the right employee. 

Outsourcing is much easier. You, as a company, need to contact a third-party company. This third-party company will do everything for you. They will listen to your needs, wishes, and desires. According to that, they will find you a perfect developer.

They will do the whole process. From searching to hiring. And, the best thing of all, this option is much more cost-effective. You will pay only for what you need. There are no annual salaries or taxes. 

And it is stress-free. You can avoid the hassle of the whole hiring process. Avoid the never-ending search. Avoid the tedious resume reading and choosing. Skip the applicant interviews. Skip the months of searching for the ideal match. 

The Teamcubate company can help you with that. We will find you the best RoR developer at an affordable price. And they are all high professionals. All you have to do is tell us your needs, and we will find you your perfect match. In a couple of days, you can start with the project realization and development. 

In conclusion 

To hire a Ruby on Rails developer is not an easy job. You will need so many things to determine. What kind of developer do you need and from where. Do you need a pro or junior developer? Once you know that, determine your budget. The mentioned factors will determine your budget and reverse. 

If you want a professional, you will need a bigger budget. But if you hire a pro from India, you can save money. Think strategically, develop your plan, and then start with the hiring process.

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