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What is a Salesforce Developer? The Definitive Guide for Companies Seeking Exceptional Talent

Get the insider scoop on what a Salesforce Developer is, what they do, and why they're invaluable for your business. Make an informed decision to hire the best Salesforce Developer today.


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What is a Salesforce Developer?

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So you've heard the term "Salesforce Developer" being thrown around in your company meetings, or perhaps you've stumbled upon it while searching for solutions to streamline your business processes. But what exactly does a Salesforce Developer do, and why are they so important in today's business landscape? Strap in; we're about to demystify the role for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the Basics
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Skill Set Required
  4. Why You Need One
  5. How to Hire
  6. Salesforce Developer Salary
  7. Outsourcing vs. In-house
  8. Onboarding Process
  9. Common FAQs
  10. Conclusion

Understanding the Basics

When people hear "Salesforce," they often think of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). That's correct but only partially. Salesforce has evolved into a comprehensive platform offering solutions for marketing, analytics, automation, and much more. A Salesforce Developer is the architect behind customizing this platform to fit your specific business needs. Curious about how to become a Salesforce Developer?

CRM and Beyond

Salesforce is not just a CRM tool. It's a customizable platform where the Salesforce Developer can build specialized applications, manage data and business logic, and even create intricate workflows. Want to know what does a Salesforce Developer do in detail?

Certified or Not?

Certification matters, but it's not the only qualification to consider. Experience and practical skills can be just as important. That's why, when you're looking to hire a Salesforce Developer, it's crucial to pay attention to their holistic skill set.

Roles and Responsibilities

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Salesforce Developers wear many hats. They are coders, architects, analysts, and problem solvers rolled into one. Understanding the roles and responsibilities is crucial when you're considering hiring one. A Salesforce Developer's primary role is to translate business requirements into Salesforce solutions. This includes a detailed job description.

Apex and Visualforce

One of the core skills required is the knowledge of Apex, Salesforce's programming language, and Visualforce, its component-based UI framework. A Salesforce Developer should be adept at creating custom objects and triggers using Apex and crafting visually appealing user interfaces with Visualforce. Read more about Salesforce Developer skill set here.

Project Management

Contrary to popular belief, Salesforce Developers are also responsible for project management. They often liaise with stakeholders and ensure that projects are progressing as planned. Learn more about Salesforce Project Management.

Skill Set Required

Ah, the skill set—a critical aspect you must consider before you make the pivotal decision to hire a Salesforce Developer. The capabilities of a Salesforce Developer can directly impact the success of your business projects. Let's break down the essential skills.

Salesforce Configuration

While Salesforce offers a myriad of built-in features, you'll need a developer to customize it for your specific business objectives. Configuration tasks include setting up dashboards, generating reports, and defining user roles.

API Integration

Integrating Salesforce with other tools and platforms is often required to meet your business needs fully. Whether it's syncing with your ERP system or connecting to third-party APIs, a skilled Salesforce Developer can make it happen.

Lightning Components

Salesforce Lightning provides a modern framework for building dynamic apps. A well-rounded developer should be skilled in creating reusable Lightning components to enhance user experience and productivity.

Query Languages

SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) and SOSL (Salesforce Object Search Language) are two query languages specifically designed for Salesforce. Mastery of these languages is crucial for data manipulation and reporting. Check out more about the Salesforce Developer skill set here.

Test-Driven Development

It's not just about building; it's also about testing. Writing automated tests for the code ensures that everything runs smoothly after deployment. It minimizes the risk of bugs and maximizes efficiency.

Why You Need One

It's not just a question of 'what is a Salesforce Developer'; it's also about why your company, in particular, needs one. Salesforce Developers can be instrumental in your growth strategy. They can automate redundant tasks, generate insightful analytics, and create tailor-fit solutions that increase productivity and ROI.

The Need for Customization

Salesforce, out of the box, is robust but generic. A Salesforce Developer can tailor the platform to serve your unique business needs, providing you with a competitive edge.

Enhance Decision-Making

Through data analytics and custom dashboards, Salesforce Developers can arm your leadership with the tools needed for informed decision-making. Curious about how this fits into Salesforce project management?


Many companies hold back from hiring a Salesforce Developer due to cost concerns. However, the efficiencies gained often outweigh the investment. Moreover, the flexibility in recruitment options allows you to find a cost-effective solution.

How to Hire

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Making the Right Hire

So you've decided you need a Salesforce Developer. Now, the critical step is hiring the right one. But where do you begin? Should you go for a freelance developer, or does an in-house role make more sense for you? Perhaps even consider outsourcing the role? Whatever your needs, Teamcubate can guide you through the maze of options to ensure you make the best choice for your organization.

Key Qualities to Look For

Not all Salesforce Developers are created equal. Key qualities to watch for include not only technical expertise but also soft skills like problem-solving, communication abilities, and project management prowess. Here's a comprehensive list of interview questions to guide you.

The Interview Process

A successful hiring process is more than just sifting through resumes. The interview stage is crucial for assessing both the technical and soft skills of your candidates. Here's how you can prepare for a Salesforce Developer interview.

Recruitment Options

The decision between outsourcing and hiring in-house often comes down to your project's nature and duration. Outsourcing may provide a cost-effective solution, while in-house can offer more control. Here's a deep dive into the pros and cons of Salesforce Developer outsourcing.

What to Include in the Job Description

A well-crafted job description not only attracts the right candidates but also saves you from the hassle of sifting through unsuitable applications. Be specific about the responsibilities and skills required. Need a template? Check this out.

Salesforce Developer Salary

If you're considering bringing a Salesforce Developer onboard, it's crucial to understand the associated costs. Salaries can vary depending on experience, location, and the complexity of the role. But worry not, because we've got you covered with a comprehensive guide on Salesforce Developer salaries.

Outsourcing vs. In-house

Both options come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. In-house hiring may offer you more control but at the cost of a higher financial investment. On the other hand, outsourcing can be a more cost-effective and flexible solution. We've detailed the nuances of this choice here.

Onboarding Process

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Onboarding: Setting Up for Success

Once you've made the hire, your focus should turn to setting your new Salesforce Developer up for success within your organization. A proper onboarding process can significantly impact how well and how quickly your new team member becomes productive.

First Steps

The first few days are crucial. Ensure you have all the necessary administrative tasks taken care of—providing access to tools, email setup, and orientation. Here's a comprehensive guide on the Salesforce Developer onboarding process.

Training and Skill Assessment

Each organization uses Salesforce differently, so it's essential to assess your new hire's skills in the context of your specific requirements. You may need to provide additional training on your processes, systems, and specific use-cases.

Integration with Existing Teams

A Salesforce Developer doesn't work in a silo. They need to collaborate with sales, marketing, and perhaps even customer service teams. Setting up initial meetings and facilitating introductions can make this integration smoother.

Continuous Learning

The Salesforce platform is ever-evolving. Keeping your developer up to date with the latest features and updates is crucial for maximizing productivity and effectiveness. Consider continuous learning programs or periodic training sessions as part of the role.

Common FAQs

Prospective Salesforce Developers and hiring managers often have several questions about the role. What does the career path look like? What are the day-to-day responsibilities? What should one focus on for skill development? Here's an exhaustive list of frequently asked questions answered.

Conclusion: Make the Right Choice with Teamcubate

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In today's competitive business environment, a Salesforce Developer is not just a luxury but a necessity for any organization looking to streamline processes and improve ROI. From what a Salesforce Developer does to why you need to hire one, the key takeaway is that this role can be instrumental in transforming your business.

Given the specialized skill set required and the potential impact on your business, making the right hiring choice is paramount. Teamcubate offers you the flexibility and expertise to make this critical hire with confidence.

Whether you're looking to hire for a long-term project or require a specialized skill set for a short-term task, we have the resources and expertise to match you with the right talent at business-friendly rates. So why compromise? Make the smart choice and secure your business's future with a Salesforce Developer.

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