The Python developer career

Find out why the Python developer career is so lucrative. We discussed the possibilities for the future, their salaries, and their disadvantages as well.

June 26, 2023

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The Python developer career

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The Python developer career is a great career path. This is because Python is becoming more popular by the day. Many businesses, both small and large, are choosing to use it. Thus, the demand for such developers is very high.

In this blog today, we will discuss how you can advance in your Python career. What are the options, opportunities, and disadvantages as well. Let’s explore the Python developer career path.

The future of Python

The future of Python lies in its advantages. You can create complex apps with concise, readable syntax. You can use it for any kind of project you wish. And the best of it, you can disturb it on any platform or device. 

Here are a couple more advantages of Python.

  • You can use Python for Machine Learning
  • Use Python for Artificial Intelligence
  • Develop any kind of websites and apps
  • Automate tasks
  • Do data analysis
  • Do data visualization
  • Use it for Data Science
  • Use it for blockchain and cybersecurity

Long story short, you can use Python for anything you imagine. Also, this programming language is more cost-effective. It is an open-source language which means anyone can use it for free. For developers, this is the easiest language to learn and advance.  

Is Python in high demand?

Python is in high demand. Learning and knowing Python is one of the top skills among job seekers. This is due to its broad usability in development and data analysis tasks.

According to Stack Overflow's survey, Python takes third place as the most popular programming language in the world. In the conducted research in 2023, Python has overtaken third place from SQL. But, Python takes the first place for not professional developers and learners. 

JavaScript takes the first place. The second palace takes the HTML, while Python takes the third. Thought, the differences between the second and third palaces are very small. To be precise, only 3% more of the responders, which were 87,585 in total, chose HTML over Python. 

Apps built with Python 

Here are the proofs to fully understand how much Python is popular and on-demand. These companies chose to build their apps and websites using Python, including:

  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • Reddit
  • Dropbox
  • Uber
  • Quora

The Python developer career 

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Now let’s see the path of the Python developer career. Let’s see what are their essential skills, discuss their salary and even explore job options. 

The Python developer’s skills 

Python developers should know Python thoroughly.  But they should also know related frameworks, such as Falcon and MongoDB. This will make them work more effectively. If they are working with web apps, they should also know JavaScript Frameworks such as AngularJS. 

This means that Python developers should have knowledge of other programming languages. This is mandatory if you want to work in web development. These languages are usually the following ones

  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Java
  • HTML
  • CSS

The following are some of the most popular Python skills required of developers:

  • APIs
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Continuous Integration
  • DevOps
  • Django
  • Docker
  • Flask
  • Git
  • Linux
  • Machine Learning
  • Microservices
  • PostgreSQL
  • REST
  • React

For those Python developers that want to work with Data Science, they will need knowledge in

  • Algorithms
  • Machine learning
  • Data Science
  • Data analysis 
  • SQL

Python developers are expanding their skill sets as technology evolves. This helps both developers and the organizations that hire them.

The role and responsibilities of Python developers

The main role of the Python developer is to 

  • Write and test code
  • Debug programs
  • Integrate apps with third-party web services.

For this, you will need previous expertise with server-side logic and the ability to work well in a team. But, these are not the only responsibilities one will have. Let’s take a look at the responsibilities of different types of Python developers.

Web developer

  • Create back-end logic and code.
  • Create means for communicating 
  • Update the back-end
  • Keep the backend optimized
  • Integrate web frameworks
  • Develop apps 

Software Engineer

  • Create and maintain code
  • Create unit tests
  • Test software
  • Detect and solve the issues
  • Integrate third-party code and APIs 
  • Evaluate requests for code and changes

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Creating logic for web apps
  • Develop back-end components
  • Connect the apps with the third-party web services
  • Integrating their work with the Python apps

Data Analyst

  • Develop tools for data mining 
  • Do insightful data visualizations
  • Do efficient data analysis from start to finish
  • Perform complex statistical analysis

Do Python developers make good money?

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Yes, a Python developer can be a very lucrative career idea. But, the cost of hiring a Python developer can vary. This depends on three factors:

  • The developer’s experience
  • The developer’s location
  • The app’s complexity.

Python app development will provide several benefits. This can cost anything between €5,000 to €50,000.

According to ZipRecruiter, the annual Python developer salary in the United States is roughly $119,523. This indicates that one hour of Python developer work costs around $57.

According to Indeed, the average salary in the US in 2023 is $72,802. This is for a position at the entry-level. The average yearly income for mid-level developers is $117,157. The average Python developer's pay at the senior level is $186,617.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a Python developer is $83,261. This also refers to the USA. But, the average annual salary for a Python developer in India is $5,440.

Python developers with more experience earn more. Senior developers with 5+ years of expertise in the United States can make up to $120,000 annually.

Based on their years of experience, the following table shows the yearly salaries of Python developers.

Years of experience




Junior Developer




Medior Developer




Senior Developer




A higher income is associated with more experience. Because of this, senior developers are the most expensive. Python developers with the following knowledge and skills can also earn more.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI); 
  • Machine learning (ML);
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP);
  • Automation scripting;
  • Data mining.

Python developer career advantages 

Python is simple to learn.  Once you learn it, you can use your knowledge to secure a fantastic job in the fast-growing field. Your career will prosper as the need for Python programmers grows.

Especially with the new machine-learning apps that are so popular. Thus, the role of a Python developer is inevitable in any organization.

Python developer career disadvantages

Being a Python developer has no disadvantages. But, as with the program itself, it has a few cons. 

  • Limitations in speed. When running code, the program is slow. This is due to the fact that Python is a dynamically typed language. But also an interpreted programming language.
  • Takes up a lot of memory. Python consumes a lot of memory. This is because of the data types' flexibility. But also because of the automated garbage collection that occurs when objects go out of scope.
  • Has runtime errors.  Because of the Pythons dynamic type feature, you need to prepare to face runtime errors.

Can I get a job as a Python developer?

Yes, you can easily find a job as a Python developer. Even if you are still a beginner or professional developer. This is because Python developers are in high demand. According to LinkedIn, there are currently over 1,196,330 positions available for Python developers. It is one of the most promising careers in the world. 

Is Python worth it in 2023?

Yes, very much. Learning Python in 2023 is an excellent investment. Python is a programming language that is here for almost three decades. For that time, it has grown in popularity each year. Python is a language that will stay for many years. This is due to its diversity, simplicity, and rising demand.

In conclusion 

The Python developer career is very lucrative. Since Python has become one of the top programming languages it is in high demand. This means that both beginners and professionals can find a job. 

Such language will only get more popular. This suggests that the market will be in constant need of Python developers. With such demand, the salary will be even more competitive. But also the great opportunity to advance forward in the career.

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