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The cost of hiring a Python developer

The cost of hiring a Python developer can range from €40 to €85 per hour. The price will depend on certain factors discussed in this article.

June 23, 2023

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The cost of hiring a Python developer

 A worker, the Python developer, holds a sticky white paper note with Python written on it in the office.

Hiring a Python developer can range from €40 to €85 per hour. This price depends on the developer's location, experience, and project scope. But there are a lot of other factors you need to consider.

In this blog, we will talk about all the factors that can determine the price of your Python developer.  We will also explain what Python is and why it is so popular. Then we covered reasons why to hire such developers and, last but not least, their salary.

What is Python?

Python is a computer programming language. Developers use it for creating websites and software. You can also use it for automating tasks and analyzing data. Python is a versatile language.  This means you can use it for many different types of programs. It is not limited to a specific purpose.

It is an open-source programming language. This means that you can write code in  Python. And, other people can use it. It provides extensive support for third-party modules. This language is popular because of its easy interaction with online services. But also with desktop-based data structures and many other features. It is more flexible and scripted than compiled code.

The first release was in 1991. Guido van Rossum was the person who created it. The intention of such language was to focus on code readability. The name "Python" refers to the Monty Python comedy group.

Why is Python so popular?

A man, a Python developer, working and coding and app on his laptop at home.

Python is popular because it has a simple and readable syntax. This helps beginners to learn and write code with ease. Also, this language has a vast collection of libraries. But also a framework that eases tasks. 

Some of them are:

  • Web development like Django and Flask;
  • Data analysis like Pandas;
  • Machine learning like TensorFlow and PyTorch. 

You can also use Python for: 

  • Software testing;
  • Machine learning (ML);
  • Software testing;
  • Website development;
  • Enterprise applications.

Additionally, Python has big and strong community support. Here are reasons why Python is so popular:

  • Easy to learn compared to JavaScript;
  • Create complex apps. Do this with concise and readable syntax;
  • Develop any kind of application;
  • Open-source libraries;
  • A reliable option for data science and data analysis;
  • Faster time-to-market;
  • Compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT);
  • Support custom automation;
  • Big, active, and supportive community.

Python is an all-purpose programming language. This implies that it is not limited to a single type of application. A Python developer can create almost anything. For example, apps, games, web development, server-side programs, etc.

Python allows you to create everything from basic apps like calculators. But you can also create big online apps like Instagram. It also allows data mining and natural language processing.

You can see why many businesses opt to use Python and hire such a developer. Besides that, one of the most popular platforms is created with Python, including:

  • Instagram
  • Paypal
  • Quora 
  • Mozilla
  • NASA
  • Reddit

Why should I hire a Python developer?

The reason why companies hire Python developers is to save time. But it is also to develop creative apps. It allows a faster development cycle and reduced time-to-market. Python also offers scalability. This is suitable for both smaller and larger projects.

To overcome difficulties, developers use third-party services. This is why hiring a Python developer is helpful to your company. These developers will deliver high-quality work. Both on time and within the budget. This will reduce the risk of project failure. But it will also ensure the success of your project.

Many famous companies, like Facebook, Netflix, and Spotify, use Python. These are real examples of Python demonstrating its effectiveness.

The cost of hiring a Python developer 

A female holding money in her hands, counting dollars.

Python is a programming language for creating different business applications. Such apps will have many complex features. This can cost you anything from €5,000 to €50,000.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual income for a Python developer in the United States is €83,261. But, the average annual salary for a Python developer in India is €5,440.

Python developers with more experience tend to earn more than entry-level developers. Senior developers with 5+ years of experience can earn up to €120,000 annually in the United States.

Now let’s see what factors determine the Python developer's salary. The developer's experience and competence determine the cost of hiring a Python developer. It can also depend on the developers' location and the project scope and complexity.

The developer's experience

The more experience the developer has, the higher the salary. Also, Python developers with skills in other programming languages can earn even more. 

For example, the Python developer can earn more if he/she knows

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP); 
  • Automation scripting;
  • Data mining;
  • Machine learning.

Developers should follow best practices. They should use industry-standard coding techniques. This way, they will get a higher salary. Due to this, many businesses are willing to pay skilled developers. 

Here’s the table of the average salary of a Python developer according to his experience.

Expertise Level

Junior Developer

Medior Developer

Senior Developer

Annual salary




The developer’s location 

Another factor determining the Python developer's salary is the location. This is due to the cost of living, demand, and market conditions. In areas with a high cost of living, salaries are higher. Especially if that area is in high demand for developers. 

But, salaries can be lower in areas with lower demand or cost of living. The local job market and economic conditions influence the salary.

Here is the table of annual salaries for Python developers according to their location.



North America


South America


South Asia






India and the Philippines are the most cost-effective places to hire Python developers. Depending on expertise, if you want to hire a software developer in India, the hourly rate will range from €20 to €50+. 

If you hire an app developer in the USA, Australia, or Canada, expect to pay from €50 to €100+ per hour. Developers seek higher wages. This is because of the increased cost of living in big cities.

The app’s complexity

The project's complexity can influence the salary. A smaller project that needs basic coding is less expensive. Complex project needs professional programming knowledge. But also needs more time and resources. 

The project scope will determine the price. The following factors determine the scope.

Features and functions

An app has a unique collection of features and functions. Thus, there is no standard number for the cost of Python web app development. Some of the features that influence the cost

  • Graphics
  • Functions
  • Platforms
  • Connections 

An app with simple features and functionality will cost you less. So, first, determine the features and functions you want to have in your app. Avoid complex features if you're on a tight budget.

Design and development process

When someone hires developers, they need to buy a domain on the client's behalf. Aside from that, a large amount of data needs to be saved on the server. This will cost you more money. Then, both the developers and the clients create the Python app design.

When developers put more attention into the apps’ design, the cost will be higher. If you have a limited budget, make the app's design basic and user-friendly.

The project time

The time developer needs to create a Python app influences development costs. If the app has simple features, it does not require a lot of time to create. Thus, the price of the development is lower.

But, a complex app with diverse features that needs AI can cost much more. As a result, the cost factor will also depend on

  • Time for development,
  • Time for designing,
  • Time for testing.

Front-end development 

Python is a back-end development language. This means that you need to pay extra money for the front-end development part. As a result, it is better to consult a custom Python web development company. They will guide you throughout the app development process.

The app’s maintenance 

Apart from app creation, maintenance is an important factor in determining the cost. Maintenance pimples to

  • Regular app upgrades;
  • Bug fixes
  • Further customization
  • New releases

All these things need Python developer expertise.  This will add to the cost of Python app creation.

Your budget

Last but not least, don’t forget to create a budget. Always ensure that the development costs are in line with your budget. Otherwise, things will be put on hold in the future. Companies that do not create their budget usually have to put their project on hold due to a lack of finances. As a result, always determine your budget and then seek services.

How to hire a Python developer

You can choose two options. Hire an outsourcing company or do the in-house hiring. You can also look for a freelance Python developer. This option is best for a one-time project.

If you already have a team, choose in-house Python hiring. But, if you lack team members, hire developers. Seek developers from well-known IT development companies. Such companies have talented and motivated developers. They have professional knowledge and experience with Python. 

If you need post-development adjustments, use maintenance and support services. Also, outsourcing costs much less than in-house hiring. To find all the necessary detail check out how to hire a Python developer blog. 

In conclusion 

Python developers are always in demand. They are professionals who can develop any kind of app. In fact, many popular apps are created in this language, like Instagram and PayPal.

But before you decide to have such a developer on your team, you need to know the cost of hiring a Python developer. This will depend on many factors. The developer's experience, location, and project scope. Go through the blog to find all the necessary details. 

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