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How to hire a Python developer

There are three different ways how to hire a Python developer. Hire a freelancer, in-house hiring, and outsourcing. We discussed each one of them.

June 23, 2023

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How to hire a Python developer

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Hiring a developer can be challenging. The company needs a person that will find the perfect match for the position. That person is usually a hiring manager. The manager needs certain skills, knowledge, and practices.

This article will help you how to hire a Python developer. We will explain why Python is so popular and why you should choose such a developer. Then, we will give you practical tips on how to hire a Python developer

Why should you consider Python?

Before hiring a developer, ensure this is the right programming language for your project. There are several factors to consider

  • The purpose of the project/application or website;
  • Functional and technical  needs;
  • Tech stack;
  • Security considerations;
  • Performance requirements.

Hiring Python developers reduces the need for the company to hire more developers. You don’t have to hire a new employee for each new task or project. Python developers are versatile. They can handle many tasks at once. They can run on various platforms, like macOS and Windows, which is why they are so popular.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should choose Python. 

  • Easy to write and maintain

Python is a well-known computer language. It has several benefits over other languages. It's simple to understand, write, and maintain. There are libraries for any form of data science you may want to use. But it also has an excellent documentation.

  • Supports a variety of programming techniques

Python supports different programming approaches. This means that your tech teams have more alternatives when deciding on a development strategy.

  • Great community

Python has a large community. It even grows every day. Aside from being a great choice for your project, it is a great choice for future developers. Their community is one of the most supportive communities worldwide.

  • Open-source libraries

Python has plenty of open-source libraries.  This will speed up the development process and save time and money. These feature a considerable amount of pre-written code. It helps developers in the coding process by not writing them from scratch.

  • It is very simple

Python's syntax is simple. It's also an excellent language for beginners because. This is due to so many tutorials available. It's also an excellent language for data science applications. This is also thanks to its extensive library and framework.

  • Perfect for MVPs

Python is an excellent choice for developing MVPs. But also for creating prototypes. This is thanks to code efficiency and code reuse. Python developers provide the same functionality with fewer code lines.

Things to consider when hiring Python developers

Hiring a Python developer can be difficult if not properly handled. Yet, if you've planned ahead of time and are clear on the skills and skills you're looking for in a Python developer, the process will go smoothly.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Career goals - Ask your potential employee what their career goals are. Also, show them that you are the place where they can learn new skills, prosper, and thrive.
  • Career objectives - Understand what the individuals you're thinking about recruiting want from their jobs.
  • Problem solving skills -Building scalable apps and systems is a must. Ensuring data safety and privacy as well as automating essential business activities. These are just some problem-solving skills that Python developers must have.

Also, every project is unique. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. So, when hiring a Python developer, have the following things in mind:

The project's complexity. Define the size and complexity of your project. Define the purpose, goals, and advantages of your product. Also, determine your end-users and potential size. All of these factors will impact the size of your Python development team. This will also determine what skill level you need your Python developer to have - junior, medior, or senior.

The project’s scope. Create a list of features you wish your app or website to have. Make a decision with your tech team. Have an employee with the technical skills to take over tech management and debugging.

How do you hire a Python developer?

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Choose Python programmers with promising talents and experience in the app development industry. Hire Python developers that are the ideal match for your business. But also a perfect match for your project.  

Follow the next points when employing Python developers:

  • Determine your needs - Know what you want from your developer. Determine your project needs by examining your competition. Have in mind what you want from your app, what expectations you have, and what is your final goal.
  • Set up an interview - Interviewing the applicant can help you understand them and each other's opinions. It's also a great approach to clear out any doubts or unreal expectations. 
  • Prepare a test -  Conducting a test can help you identify a candidate's degree of expertise. Also, this can show you the quality of work they can give to your company. Running a test can help you identify the best Python developers.

Necessary skills of a Python developer

To hire a Python developer, you will need to know the necessary skills that such developers need. 

  • Technical skills

Technical skills are particular knowledge. These skills are the ones you learn through work, school, or volunteering experience. every sector and business requires a range of technical skills.

A Python developer should know several Python language versions. But also Python frameworks, modules, and libraries. Here is the set of technical skills such developer needs.

  • Knowledge of object-oriented ideas;
  • Advanced computer science principles;
  • A firm grasp of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of Flask, Django, and other frameworks;
  • Mathematical Python modules and packages;
  • Understanding of RESTful APIs;
  • Statistics, linear algebra, differential calculus, and probability.

  • Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are skills that involve critical thinking. But it also involves:

  • High creativity;
  • Active listening;
  • Decision-making skills;
  • Communication skills.

Many problems can occur during the app’s development. Hiring a Python developer requires the ability to handle these problems. But also identify a solution and fulfill deadlines.

Critical thinking helps developers visualize projects from different sides. This means that finding a solution to long-term efficiency comes with critical thinking. To design effective apps, a Python developer should visualize what the consumer needs.

Python developers also need good communication skills. Developers work in groups or teams. As a result, it is vital to share ideas, discuss, and provide constructive feedback.

Where can I hire a Python developer?

A Macbook Pro laptop at the desk, next to the books.

There are a few ways you can hire Python developers. Most companies will hire freelance developers. Others will decide on in-house hiring. The third alternative is outsourcing the Python project to a software development company. Let’s check them.

  • Hire a freelancer

Hiring freelancers is great if you have a short or one-time project. This method is also less expensive. This is because most freelances professionals charge less. Yet, hiring freelancers comes with a cost, and scaling your project will be challenging. 

Also, managing the project will be difficult. And the developer might need to respect your deadline. These are some reasons why companies would look for hiring alternatives.

  • In-house hiring

The advantages of hiring in-house developers include

  • Improved communication;
  • Cooperation;
  • Product understanding. 

Because the Python developers are already on your team, you will not need to introduce your services to them. But this method can be more expensive than recruiting freelancers. Aside from salaries, you must rent office space, buy technology, and pay an annual salary. 

  • Outsourcing your developer

The most popular and cost-effective way of hiring is outsourcing. You will have access to developers from various tech stacks. This way, you can form your team quickly.  

There are many software developer companies. All of them provide professional services with experience. Also, this option is much less expensive. You can easily find the perfect match. Also, you don’t need to interview your applicants. You will have a whole team that will handle the whole project. 

The cost of hiring a Python developer

The cost of hiring a Python developer can be different. It is usually from €40 to €85 per hour. But the precise Python developer's salary will depend on several factors. Those factors are

  • Developer’s experience and skill level;
  • Developer’s location;
  • The project’s scope and complexity.

Check out our article about the cost of hiring a Python developer. You will find out what Python is and why it is so popular. Also, we thoroughly discussed their salaries.

In conclusion

To know how to hire a Python developer, you will need specific skills. Once you determine everything about your project, start your search. What type of hiring do you want? If you want freelancers, prepare test projects and interviews. If not, think about outsourcing. 

Many companies choose to outsource developers. This option is much cheaper, safer, and more professional. According to your needs, choose your developer.

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