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The future of Ruby On Rails development

The future of Ruby On Rails development looks good. This is all thanks to its great compatibility with web apps, great community, and a few other things.

July 24, 2023

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The future of Ruby On Rails development

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The future of Ruby on Rails development is difficult to predict. But it is still a popular choice. Especially for web development. 

If you want to hire a Ruby on Rails then you need to know the future of such a programming language. Thus, in this blog today, we will check the future of RoR development. We will also talk about if RoR is still relevant and worth investing in. 

Is Ruby on Rails still relevant 2023?

Yes, Ruby on Rails is still relevant in 2023. Even though it is not the most popular programming language. It is still in the top 20, according to GitHub research. RoR is less popular than new technologies. But it is still a popular choice for full-stack web development. This is because this framework has various functions. It is also very productive and effective. 

RoR is a great career choice. Thus, learning RoR is still worth it. Despite it being an older framework. It's because RoR focuses on convention over configuration. It will help you to build apps faster than other frameworks.

But there’s also one downside of this framework. It is not compatible with Machine Learning. That’s why many people might think it is not so popular anymore. 

Ruby On Rails in 2023: A Skill Still Worth Investing In?

You might now have doubts. Is RoR in 2023 a skill still worth investing in? Yes, it is. Here’s why. Many companies, like Shopify, Airbnb, and GitHub, use Ruby on Rails. It is their main technological stack. This implies that there is still a high need for RoRdevelopers. And besides that, many businesses are continuing to invest in this technology.

Let’s see an example. 

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Most popular technologies: Programming, scripting, and markup languages. Source: Stack Overflow 2022

According to Stack Overflow, Ruby is the 16th most popular programming language. And thus, the Ruby on Rails framework. This means that it is still in demand. Even though it is not as popular as JavaScript or Python. 

The future of Ruby On Rails development

Many trends are shaping the future of Ruby On Rails development in 2023. This means that Ruby on Rails is far from dead. It still has a bright future. Here’s why. 

The Ruby on Rails Community

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework. This means that it is free to use. Anyone on the internet can use it free of charge. And these open-source technologies rely on community support. And thus RoR. An active and involved community indicates that technology is alive and good. 

The RoR community is very big and active, and it is expanding each day. Thus, many companies have access to many resources, including 

  • Tutorials
  • Forums
  • Open-source libraries. 

Also, there are several Rails forums available online. Including Github, Reddit, and StackOverflow. 

These platforms are excellent places for: 

  • Sharing knowledge 
  • Solving problems
  • Finding help for difficult tasks
  • Supporting new ideas 

Technologies that are dying have either no community support. Or they have a very small community that is shrinking in size.

Constant updates and maintenance

Any technology needs regular upgrades and maintenance. Thus, it is a good indicator of when a framework needs such things. It indicates that people are interested. This way, people want to ensure that it is up to date with innovations and other changes. A technology is dying or already dead when it no longer receives regular upgrades and maintenance.

RoR has constant updates. It means it is still in demand, and people are using it. There are Ruby on Rails teams and developers all over the world. They contribute to the framework by adding essential features.

You can be certain that Ruby on Rails is not dead. Many developers are constantly working to improve and maintain this framework. This is one of the indicators that RoR is not so unpopular.

Many users of RoR

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It is easy to see when a framework no longer has value. Or even use. How? By checking what many companies are using. This especially refers to Tech companies. They are the first ones to abandon the old technology. 

And, RoR is not abandoned. There are many companies that are using RoR development. Here are just some of them. 

  • Soundcloud
  • Hulu
  • Shopify
  • Github
  • Airbnb 
  • Basecamp
  • Dribble
  • Clarity
  • ASKfm
  • Fiverr
  • MyFitnessPal

And many other apps. This is the best proof that Ruby on Rails is far from dead.

Perfect for eCommerce

eCommerce is the future. Thus, Ruby on Rails is the future. This is because Rails is a perfect choice for eCommerce apps because it enables developers to 

  • Quickly create unique pricing algorithms
  • Image resizing tools
  • Image tools for product photos and descriptions

In eCommerce, there are many different pages, items, and photos. RoR's approach to website building is a perfect fit for making an eCommerce website. You can also integrate Payment systems on your eCommerce website.

Allows agile development 

Ruby values convention above configuration. As a result, Rails is a perfect solution for agile development. This is a major reason why many companies prefer Ruby on Rails over other technologies. 

Create flawless web apps quickly and affordably with RoR. Furthermore, Ruby on Rails is scalable. This will allow your company to a fast increase in revenue.

Great for content management systems 

RoR is a great option for content management systems.  This is because navigating and uploading files, images, and content is simple. Ruby on Rails also makes revising, editing, and publishing simple as well. RoR web apps also tend to be search-friendly. This is great for your website or app’s SEO. But also a great indicator of ROI (return on investment).

Short-term future of Ruby on Rails 

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RoR will remain a popular choice for web app development. It has a big and active community. A community that is adding new features. But it is also addressing issues and constantly growing. 

Also, RoR is a good framework with a well-established ecosystem. This means developers can easily find libraries, tools, and support when needed.

RoR chooses convention over configuration. This means that RoR comes with a set of default rules for developing web apps.  This makes it easier for developers to start and make apps faster. This is likely to remain an important selling point for Rails in the future.

Long-term future of Ruby on Rails 

The short-term future of RoR is certain and clear. But the long-term future is a bit uncertain. The software industry is continually developing. New technologies are growing on a regular basis. There are technologies like Node.js and React. These technologies can meet the increasing need for data-driven apps.

RoR evolved and adapted to new challenges. But it could face greater competition in the future from these developing technologies. Aside from that, Rails will probably continue to be a popular choice for web development. Especially for more conventional eCommerce apps.

Hire a Ruby On Rails Developer

The above advantages should be the reason why you should hire a Ruby on Rails developer. Once you decide to do that, don’t forget to determine your budget. Then, determine what kind of RoR developer you need. Take into consideration the developer's experience, location, and engagement model.

This can all affect the RoR developer's salary. And, when it comes to the salary, it can highly fluctuate. For instance, RoR from Indica can cost you $1,2 per hour. But, RoR in the USA can cost you $60 per hour. 

Also, their experience also affects the price. Experienced RoR professionals will always cost more. But, if you are low on budget and need a basic RoR web app, a junior developer is your choice.

Last but not least. Think about how you want to hire your developer. In-house or by outsourcing it? Outsourcing is much easier. It is simple, cheaper, and effective. The best thing of all, you will get only the best out of the best. Teamcubate will provide you with your perfect RoR developer. Fast, without stress, and cost-effective. 

In conclusion 

The future of Ruby on Rails is good. This is because this framework is a great choice for eCommerce apps. It also has an amazing community, constant updates, and regular maintenance.  

Even some of the greatest companies use RoR. One of them is GitHub, Airbnb, and Shopify. Thus, if you consider using RoR, you won’t make a mistake. Hire a Ruby on Rails developer, and get your flawless app today.

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