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Ruby On Rails in 2024: A skill still worth investing in?

There are many debates about Ruby on Rails in 2024. Is that a skill still worth investing in? RoR is 4th most paying tech in 2024. Does that sound like a bad investment?

July 24, 2023

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Ruby On Rails in 2024: A skill still worth investing in?

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If you are thinking about to hire a Ruby On Rails developer, you may wonder if that is a skill worth investing in. Or reverse. If you want to start a developer career, is Ruby the right path? 

Ruby on Rails is not one of the top three best frameworks. Ruby isn’t either in the top three programming languages. But this doesn’t mean it is not a great career. RoR is highly lucrative. The career has a lot of perspective. It is in great demand. Many companies are using it and are requiring new updates. These are just a couple of reasons why RoR is a skill worth investing in. But let’s find out more.

Is it worth learning Ruby on Rails in 2024?

Yes, Ruby on Rails is worth investing in in 2024. Let’s compare Stack Overflow surveys. RoR took the 15th place as the most common web technology in 2022. According to the same survey from 2024, Ruby took 4th place as top paying technology.  

Such statistics can tell you that Ruby on Rails, as well as the Ruby programming language, is worth learning. It is highly lucrative, popular, and effective. 

Ruby on Rails is a great option for creating MVP. It has a lot of benefits over other frameworks. RoR can help entrepreneurs make their MVPs fast and effectively. This is all thanks to its: 

  • Fast prototyping
  • Robust ecosystem
  • Simple iterations
  • Extensive history 
  • Access to talented developers

Is Ruby on Rails dead 2024?

Ruby on Rails is not dead in 2024. Many companies will continue to use the Ruby programming language in 2024. This is all thanks to its front-end and back-end web development capabilities. 

Simply look at the list of popular IT businesses that use RoR: 

  • Airbnb
  • Fiverr
  • Shopify
  • Basecamp
  • GitHub
  • Dribble
  • Twitter
  • SoundCloud
  • Zendesk
  • Hulu

And many, many others. This is the biggest proof that Ruby on Rails is not dead nor dying. In fact, it has a very bright future. 

Ruby On Rails in 2024: A skill still worth investing in

A male developer with glasses working in the dark room, working from home, writing, and developing with two computer screens with display codes on them.

Now that we explained that RoR is not dead let’s see why. Is RoR a skill still worth investing in? Here are the top 5 reasons why RoR is a skill worth investing in. 

Great for eCommerce

RoR is a perfect framework for eCommerce businesses. This is because there are several Rails e-commerce frameworks available including:

  • Spree, RoR-e
  • Piggybak
  • Substruct and so on) 

This will help you make powerful online stores fast. Using RoR for your store, you will have user-friendly features with modular approaches. Also, the RoR e-commerce frameworks support the ActiveMerchant payment plugin. This allows smooth and flawless payment system integration. 

Such a feature attacks customers and retains them. There is a much bigger chance for them to buy your product if you offer them different payment methods. Also, RoR is beneficial for product descriptions and photo uploads. These features are essential and extremely common for online stores.

Perfect for Content Management Systems (CMS)

A good content management system is simple to use. It has simple navigation and an easy way to upload photos, material, and files. Ruby meets all of these requirements for content management systems.

Ruby on Rails systems are excellent platforms for content organizing. This includes: 

  • Reviewing
  • Storing
  • Publishing

Another amazing feature of ROR is that it offers one of the greatest SEO tools. This will assist your app or website in increasing search engine ranks. It will also ensure you more visitors and a higher return on investment.

Faster development time

Do you need a feature-rich web solution, but there is time pressure? RoR can help you solve this task. This is because Ruby, as a programming language, allows modifications. Developers can make necessary changes and test them immediately.  

This is because of the ability to generate new features and create its own libraries quickly. For that reason, RoR remains among the top technologies for fast and quality web development.

Highly agile

The RoR community is one of the biggest supporters of the Agile software development method. The following are just a few of the benefits you'll receive from using RoR agility:

  • Easy and quick user feedback on a developed software product.
  • Fast response to customer feedback.
  • Fast changes of necessary modifications.
  • You avoid unnecessary effort by focusing on the most useful aspects.
  • Constant review of the development progress

Fantastic RoR community 

RoR has a fantastic community. If you are a beginner, ensure to join the RoR community on different platforms like:

  • Reddit
  • GitHub
  • Twitter
  • StackOverflow

You can communicate with thousands of RoR developers. Ask for help with some project, ask for opinions, or help a fellow developer. Share your work and learn from others. Get inspired. Find out how to fix bugs or learn about new libraries.

The great news is that it is still evolving. And it has a vibrant community surrounding it. Just check GitHub and check the trends. Do this once a week, and you will learn, stay updated and even improve your skills.

Future of Ruby on Rails development

A Macbook laptop at the desk with display codes on it, in front of the window at home next to the book about programming.

There are many things that are the future of Ruby on Rails development. It has great potential even though it is an old framework. Here are a couple of things to know why RoR has a birth future in the development process. 

Trends shaping the future of Ruby On Rails development in 2024

Here are the top 3 trends shaping the future of Ruby on Rails development in 2024

The Ruby on Rails Community

As we mentioned, RoR has a great community. And it is one of the reasons why this framework is far from dead. 

The RoR community is very big and active and is expanding daily. Thus, many companies have access to many resources, including: 

  • Tutorials
  • Forums
  • Open-source libraries

Join the community on the mentioned platforms and:

  • Share your knowledge 
  • Solve problems
  • Ask for help
  • Support new ideas 
  • Keep up with the latest updates
  • Learn new things
  • Keep up with new libraries 

Easy maintenance and constant updates 

RoR has great maintenance and regular updates. It means it is still in demand, and people are using it. Many RoR teams and developers contribute to the framework. They are adding necessary features. They are working continually to improve and maintain this framework.

They are currently focused on making this framework compatible with machine learning and artificial intelligence.  Its future lies right here. 

RoR cases 

It is simple to determine whether a framework is no longer useful. By investigating how many businesses are using it. This is especially true for technology firms. They are the first to ditch outdated technologies. RoR is in high use. Meaning, RoR is not an outdated framework. 

Many businesses are using RoR development. They crafted one of the most popular apps that we use today. Here are a few examples:

  • Shopify
  • Hulu
  • Shopify
  • Github
  • Soundcloud
  • Airbnb 
  • Dribble

Hire a Ruby On Rails developer

If you want to hire a Ruby on Rails developer, remember the things we mentioned above. Aside from that, you should determine what kind of RoR developer you need. Check the developer's experience, location, and engagement model.

All of these can have an impact on the RoR developer's salary. And, when it comes to pay, it might vary greatly. For instance, RoR from India can cost you $1,2 per hour. But, RoR in the United States might cost up to $60 per hour.

Consider how you want to hire your developer. Do you want to do in-house or outsource it? It is simpler to outsource. It is easy, inexpensive, and efficient. The best part is that you will only receive the finest of the best. Teamcubate will find you the ideal RoR developer. Quick, stress-free, and cost-effective. 

In Conclusion

Many people are thinking about Ruby on Rails in 2024 and whether it is a skill still worth investing in. It is a skill worth investing in. RoR is in the top 5 paying jobs in 2024. To be precise, it took 4th place right after Zig, Erlang, and F#. 

Aside from being a very lucrative job, many companies use RoR as a framework. And thus, they are continuously seeking such developers. Investing in such skills will pay off in the short term but in the long term as well. 

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