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The Cost of Outsourcing VS In-house Hiring for Flutter Development

Explore the key differences, benefits, and drawbacks of outsourcing versus in-house hiring for Flutter development. Understand cost implications and identify the best approach to maximize your project's success and ROI.

June 6, 2023

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The Cost of Outsourcing VS In-house Hiring for Flutter Development

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To hire a Flutter developer, we must know about the developer needed and the budget. About the budget, it raises another question. Which one is more profitable, outsourcing VS in house hiring for Flutter developer?

While outsourcing is less expensive and more efficient, in-house allows more direct control.

We’ll go through the most fundamental questions:

  • Main differences between those two models
  • which option is better and why
  • What are their main benefits and drawbacks?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Flutter Developer?

The cost of hiring a Flutter developer will depend on a few factors, including:

  • Developer’s geographical position;
  • Years of experience and skill level;
  • The complexity of your business project;
  • Engagement model.

The rough numbers we can give you are that it can cost you anything from €20 to €200 per hour. This depends on the skill level needed for your specific project

For instance, hiring a senior Flutter developer for a complex project is expensive. expect a rate of around €100-€200 per hour in the USA. But if you have a simple-model app like Tools that a junior developer can develop it gets cheaper.  You can expect a rate from €30 - €75 in the USA and €20 in Asian countries.

Difference Between Outsourcing VS In-house Hiring

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Insourcing development is when a company has employees working from that company office. Those are the full-time developers working for a set pay, directed by the management.

Outsourcing is when a company hires a non-affiliated developer to work on a project. Including different tasks, as well as its resources for services and producing products. The motivation for outsourcing work to another company is to save money on costs.

Why Should I Choose Outsourcing for Flutter Development?

An outsourced development team offers your organization, immediate specialized skills, and resources. It's like hiring a freelance Flutter developer but you get more thorough service.

When creating a budget for hiring a Flutter developer, consider this.

  • Cost-effective option - Businesses that outsource save the costs of recruiting and training. When projects are not in full swing, no salaries are paid, and no resources are wasted. Outsourcing companies provide reasonable pricing and collaborative development teams.
  • More time for meaningful work - Choosing to outsource will leave you more time for the core business. This enables you to concentrate on what you do best, adding value to your customers.
  • Access to the newest technology and development methodologies. This means that you are more adaptable than your competitors. While they are stuck with older versions of the technology, you can outsource.
  • High flexibility when creating an app. If the requirements of the project change, your outsourced developers can adjust. Companies can adapt their development plan to changing business demands. You may enjoy flexibility, which is great for business development.

Advantages of choosing an outsourcing model for Flutter

Companies can profit from outsourcing Flutter app development in many ways:

  • Financial savings;
  • High-quality work;
  • Faster time-to-market;
  • Access to a varied labor pool.

In short, outsourcing speeds up app development by adding more developers. It needs less management and input compared to working with freelancers. All this helps speed up the app development process.

Disadvantages of choosing the outsourcing model for Flutter

Outsourcing IT can weaken or cut off ties between companies and customers. Poor communication hinders relationship building, possibly causing dissatisfaction among the organization and clients.

Another disadvantage is that when you want to hire a Flutter developer or even a team from an outsourcing corporation, you will have much less to no control of that company area. As a result, timelines for project implementation can deteriorate. If the organization's arrangement with the outsourced firm is terminated, private and sensitive information is threatened.

Why Should I Choose In-house Hiring for Flutter Development?

If you don’t prefer the outsourcing option, let’s explore the alternative, which is in-house hiring

An in-house recruiter is an employee in charge of hiring a Flutter developer. They find and interact with candidates alongside management and other key company members.

In-house recruiting is typically a combination of standard agency recruitment activities (sourcing, candidate management, interview scheduling) and increased responsibility for administrative, operational, and employee development.

Here are a few simple reasons why you should consider in-house hiring for Flutter development.

Here are a few simple reasons why you should consider in-house hiring.

  • Constant tracking of the app development
  • High organizational awareness
  • Excellent understanding of the resources

Advantages of choosing an in-house model for Flutter

The biggest advantage of in-house hiring is complete control over the development process. You will have direct access to your Flutter development team. That allows for monitoring of the progress and difficulties of the project. This degree of control is critical for businesses that have specific expectations.

Also, the communication between the departments is at its highest point.  This is because all team members work in the same place, eliminating communication barriers. Better collaboration reduces the chances of misunderstandings and miscommunications.

In-house software development entails gathering knowledge and skills within a company. Thanks to this, the in-house team can better understand the company's procedures and systems. That results in more efficient development and better final results for the app and the project itself.

The disadvantages of choosing an in-house model for Flutter

Scaling is probably the first disadvantage of an in-house Flutter team. Especially if the firm suffers rapid expansion or needs to fastly respond to market changes. It can lead to a mismatch between the company's needs and the available resources. That leads to inefficiencies and delays in the development process.

Another downside of in-house software development is the lack of experienced IT professionals. This can make it difficult for businesses to attract workers with the necessary skills.  lowering the quality and efficiency of their development projects.

When compared with outsourcing teams, in-house hiring can also be less cost-effective. You must devote a significant amount of time and money to:

  • recruiting,
  • employing,
  • training,
  • and providing benefits for your in-house staff.

Even if the crew is inactive between projects, you must determine their fixed salary.

And last but not least is the slow time to market. In-house Flutter developers will have a handful of responsibilities for doing many tasks. That can lead to working overtime and breaching deadlines.

Comparison: Outsourcing VS In-house Hiring for Flutter Developer


Outsourcing a Flutter Developer

Insourcing a Flutter Developer

The cost

Less expensive due to fixed contract prices.

More expensive due to monthly salaries, benefits, and overhead costs.

Skill level

Offers Flutter developers at different skill levels with diverse expertise. 

In-house employees might not have that kind of knowledge and will require additional training.


Much easier scalability. 

The need for a bigger team and expert developers.


Faster delivery time.

It can prolong the delivery time due to other projects and tasks.


High flexibility and options for adjustments. 

Also high flexibility and direct contact. 

Quality Assurance

External teams specialize in QA, so the quality will be at the highest level.

Internal teams might also specialize in QA but often less than external teams.

Risk Management

If the contract has been terminated, private and sensitive information is threatened. 

Fewer chances of any risk management.



To hire a Flutter developer, there are a few crucial things to answer. Mostly the budget for your development team and the model you want to put in place. The cost of outsourcing VS in-house hiring for Flutter development can vary. In our opinion, the outsourcing model wins the case.

The outsourced team and the cost will largely depend on the team’s size and the need for Flutter's expertise. However, in-house hiring can provide you with more control and better communication. Outsourcing teams can provide you with better professionals and faster market time.

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