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JavaScript in 2024: A Skill Still Worth Investing In?

Is JavaScript still a valuable skill to invest in for 2024? Discover why JavaScript developers are still in high demand, earning good salaries in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Learn more!

August 16, 2023

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JavaScript in 2024: A Skill Still Worth Investing In?

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In the world of technology, things are changing rapidly. New programming languages come and go. However, there are some languages that have stood still and continue to be essential skills for web developers. One of them is JavaScript. As we are halfway to 2024, many wonder whether investing time and effort in learning JavaScript is still worth it. If you are also wondering about this, this blog is for you. 

In this blog, we'll explore why JavaScript remains relevant and popular. Why it's still a skill worth considering in the future world of web development. We’ll discuss different reasons that explain the bright future of JavaScript developers. 

Is JavaScript still Worth Investing in 2024?

Of course, it is! JavaScript is a skill in demand. Following are some reasons why it’s worth investing in JavaScript in 2024.

Because It's Easy to Learn for Beginners

One of the primary reasons why JavaScript is in demand is because it’s easy to learn. We can call it a beginner friendly programming language. It’s simple to learn especially compared to other languages. You don’t need to install external software because it’s already in your browser.


Find it in the Developer Tools under the Console tab


Press Control+Shift+J



Once you open it, you can start writing code and see the results right away! Understand Becoming a JavaScript Developer: What's the Learning Curve Like?

Because It’s Used in Web Development  

JavaScript is one of the primary languages in web development. It can be used for both the front end and back end. JavaScript also works with other external libraries. Not only websites but JavaScript helps to create web applications. Some important and useful JS front end libraries are jQuery, React.js, Ember.js, Polymer.js, and more. For back end frameworks like Nest.js, Node.js, Express.js are used.

Because it’s Usable Beyond Web Development

JavaScript is a flexible programming language that is not only used for making websites. It's also used in mobile and game development. People use JS frameworks to create the user interface of their apps. You can build Android and iOS apps with JavaScript. Google and Apple support it in their development tools.

Because it’s Continuously Growing

There are always new updates and trends in JavaScript. It keeps growing over time. Developers behind JavaScript constantly work to improve it by adding new features. These regular updates ensure that JavaScript stays at the forefront of web development. By learning JavaScript, developers can stay relevant and up-to-date in the changing landscape. With each new JavaScript update, amazing features and functionalities are added. Developers can use these updates and techniques to build more powerful applications.

JavaScript's constant evolution makes it an essential language for web developers. With its new features and updates, developers can stay competitive. It allows developers to build efficient, modern, and secure web applications.

Because it’s High in Demand

Laptop on Floor with Coding Screen

Learning JavaScript can lead to various job opportunities beyond web development. Even beginners with a good understanding of JS can find many chances to work. Currently, almost every business is present on the Internet. They may need more than just a website. They use different software tools and applications to run their business. Many of these services and software are built using JavaScript frameworks!

Major Companies Investing in JavaScript. Big Brands Betting on JavaScript: A Look at Companies Using JavaScript Developers. JavaScript has become the go-to choice for building dynamic and interactive websites. Many big brands are recognizing its value. If you want to hire a JavaScript developer, you don't need to go through the hassle of searching. Instead, consider Teamcubate, a reliable partner who can handle your hard work. They'll find skilled JavaScript developers to match your requirements. All at a reasonable price. 

Because JavaScript Developers Get Good Salaries

JavaScript developers make good money. They earn the same or even more than developers of other programming languages. Front end development jobs are in high demand. These jobs pay well. The reason is many businesses are moving online. They need websites and mobile apps. So, there is a high demand for JavaScript developers. But, there aren't enough skilled developers available. That's why JavaScript developers are getting good salaries for their work.

Because of the Strong Community

The JavaScript developer’s community is vast and supportive. This makes it easy for freshers to learn and adjust in the community. It helps people to stay updated with the latest news and trends. There are online forums, tutorials, and different resources available for beginners. The community ensures that you’re never alone on the web development journey.

What Future Holds for JavaScript?

The future of JavaScript development looks bright. JavaScript will run on top for building websites and apps. It's not wrong to say that JS will rule the world of web development. Developers will keep using JS because of its versatility. There will be exciting updates in the future. With trends Shaping the Future of JavaScript Development in 2024, we’ll see innovations in JavaScript development.


In conclusion, JavaScript is one of the most powerful programming languages. It works as the backbone of web development. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, investing your time in learning JavaScript in 2024  is worth it. It will undoubtedly open up numerous career opportunities. It will help you stay relevant in the dynamic world of web development.

How do you feel about learning JavaScript?

Do you have any other reasons to consider learning JavaScript in 2024?  

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