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How to Improve Your Python Coding Skills | Best Practices to Hire Python Developers

Elevate your Python coding game and become an asset to your team. Discover proven methods to enhance your skills while learning how to find or become the Python talent companies are seeking.


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How to Improve My Python Coding Skills

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Improving your Python coding skills is not just about writing better code—it's about understanding the language at its core and knowing how to implement best practices, test your code, and ultimately, be a more effective developer. Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that if you’re an employer looking to hire a Python developer, knowing these skills can help you evaluate talent more effectively. So let's get started on your path to Python mastery.

Why Python?

But first, why focus on Python? Is it because it’s in high demand? Absolutely. Python's simplicity and readability have made it one of the most popular programming languages in the world, ideal for everything from web development to app development and data analysis.

Building a Solid Foundation

Learn the Basics

If you're an entry-level Python developer, the starting point for improvement is to get a strong grasp on Python basics. This includes understanding data types, loops, and control structures. Without a firm foundation, advancing to more complex topics will be difficult.

Recommended Resource:
To get started, consider revisiting our guide on how to become a Python developer.

Practicing Syntax

Syntax is the set of rules that defines the combinations of symbols considered to be correctly structured programs. Practicing Python syntax until it becomes second nature will significantly improve your coding skills.

Practice Tip:
Try coding basic programs without looking at any reference material. This will help internalize Python syntax and improve your code fluency.

Sharpening Skills

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Master Python Libraries

Once you're comfortable with the basics, the next step is to master Python libraries like Django, Flask, and Pandas. These libraries expand your capabilities, allowing you to tackle more complex projects.

How it helps when you hire Python developers: Understanding libraries will also help you gauge a potential hire's expertise level.

Unit Testing

Unit testing is essential for ensuring your code works as intended. It's a best practice that even associate Python developers should get comfortable with.

Unit Testing Tip:
Utilize Python’s unittest framework to perform unit testing on your code.


Python is versatile, which means you have several career paths. You could become a Python software engineer or a Python full-stack developer, among other options.

Decide Your Path

Before diving deep into specializations, decide on the career path that excites you the most. Look into careers in Python to get a broader understanding of your options.

Deep Dive into Roles and Responsibilities

Once you’ve decided on a career path, deep dive into the roles and responsibilities associated with that role. Our article about the roles and responsibilities of a Python developer can offer a comprehensive view.

Further Your Skills

After identifying your chosen path, take advanced courses, attend webinars, and network with professionals in the field to further your skillset.

How Specialization Impacts Hiring:
If you’re on the hiring end, understanding the range of Python developer skills can significantly improve the quality of your recruitment process.
Did you know?
You can build a remote Python team to scale your business efficiently. Teamcubate helps you find specialized Python developers that align with your business goals, and at business-friendly rates.

Actionable Steps to Improve

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  1. Daily Practice: Allocate at least an hour each day to write Python code.
  2. Read Code: Go through other developers’ code to understand different ways to solve problems.
  3. Take on Projects: The more you code, the more you learn. Even consider remote jobs as a Python developer to gain experience.

Take the Next Step

Ready to go to the next level? Hire a Python Developer or find your next gig through Teamcubate’s expansive network.

Have More Questions?

For best practices on how to hire Python talent, check our guide on best practices for hiring a Python developer.

Structured Learning and Online Courses

Structured Learning Path

Having a structured learning path can accelerate your skill improvement. This involves setting attainable goals, deadlines, and identifying the resources you'll need. Whether you're an entry-level Python developer or a seasoned pro, a structured learning path can make all the difference.

Structured Learning Tip:
Invest time in planning. Set specific goals, timelines, and evaluate your progress periodically.

Online Courses and Certifications

Online courses offer structured learning in an easily digestible format. Sites like Udemy, Coursera, and edX provide Python courses that range from beginner to advanced levels.

Recommended Resource:
Check out our blog about how to become a Python developer for recommended online courses.
How This Helps with Hiring:
If you’re looking to hire a Python developer, a candidate with certifications can be a testament to their structured learning and dedication.

Python Community Engagement

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Open Source Contributions

Contributing to open-source projects can help you understand large codebases and improve your coding skills. The Python community has an extensive list of open-source projects that welcome contributions from developers at all levels.

Community Tip:
Look for “beginner-friendly” tags on GitHub repositories related to Python.

Forums and Blogs

Engaging in forums and reading Python-related blogs can offer fresh perspectives and solutions to common problems. It's also a great way to stay updated with the future of Python.

How Community Engagement Helps in Hiring:
Participation in open-source projects or community forums can provide tangible proof of a developer’s skills, making it easier for companies to hire Python developers with confidence.

Peer Reviews and Code Quality

Peer Code Reviews

Peer code reviews can be an invaluable resource. Experienced peers can point out the inefficiencies in your code, suggest better practices, and ultimately make you a better coder.

Peer Review Tip:
Always ask for feedback on your code. More eyes on your work means more opportunities for improvement.

Code Quality Tools

There are numerous tools available that analyze your Python code for quality. These tools can help identify code smells, bugs, and other issues that you might have overlooked.

Code Quality Tip:
Tools like PyLint and Flake8 can automatically analyze your Python code for potential errors and violations of coding standards.
Tools and Hiring:
When you hire Python developers, asking about their familiarity with code quality tools can give you insights into their commitment to writing high-quality code.

Practice, Practice, Practice

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You'll only improve if you practice. Take on real-world projects, participate in hackathons, or work on personal projects. Keep in mind that we offer various Python development services to help you along the way.

Are You Ready?

Improving your Python skills is a continuous journey. But remember, if you're looking to hire Python talent, Teamcubate offers exceptional developers at business-friendly rates. Take the next step in your Python journey with us!

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