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How to find the right Ruby On Rails Developer

If you want to find the right Ruby On Rails developer follow the given tips we provided in this blog. We will help you to find your perfect RoR employee.

August 3, 2023

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How to find the right Ruby On Rails Developer

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If you want to hire a Ruby on Rails developer, you will need certain strategies. You will need to know where and what to look for, and set your expectations right. This will help you how to find the right Ruby on Rails developer for your team. 

We covered everything you need to know. From finding the right RoR developer role to establishing their responsibilities. From locating the candidates to the hiring process. Let’s start.

The Ruby on Rails developer roles 

If you are confused about what RoR developers do, here’s an explanation. RoR developers can do many things. But they are mainly focused on frontend and backend technologies. These developers collaborate with a team of other developers on any particular project.

They also do:

  • Database structure
  • Design
  • Programming languages used by RoR frameworks

Now let’s check out all the roles that RoR developers have and find the one that suits your company the best.

Web or Software Developers  

Use RoR for creating any kind of app. Web or mobile. These developers usually do the back-end components. They write clean, maintainable, and efficient code. They work with front-end developers. The app integration is easier and much faster.

Back-end developer

You can also use RoR to become a back-end developer. A backend software developer creates the databases, libraries, and logic for the app. You can use RoR, along with other frameworks and languages. This way you will make the apps more scalable.

Server developer

You can also be a server developer with RoR. You will be responsible for:

  • Configuring database servers and procedures
  • Managing database servers and procedures 
  • System and performance monitoring

All in aim to provide the best performance, availability, and security. Analyse, solve, and fix problems and offer the best solutions.

Full-stack software engineer

As a RoR full-stack developer, you will construct a whole website. You will do this without relying on other developers or team members. You will be responsible for developing the platforms for the web and mobile technology apps.

Project manager

As a RoR project manager, you will track project progress. You will also provide thoroughly planned updates. These updates are usually milestones and deliverables. Communicate with all workers. You will also provide

  • Encouragement to your teammates; 
  • Identify difficulties;
  • Find solutions;
  • Effective improvements.

Benefits of using Ruby on Rails developers

Now that we explained what roles RoR developers can play let’s see their benefits. Why should you hire a RoR developer? What benefit do you have from them? Are they worth hiring? 

Well, RoR is a very popular framework. And Ruby is a very popular programming language. According to the survey from 2023 from Stack Overflow, Ruby is the 16th most popular language in the world. 

A graph showing relevant data.

Also, many companies use RoR as their favorite framework. Thus, there are many popular apps made with RoR. As for live websites that use the RoR framework, there are currently 613,426 sites worldwide. Let’s check the benefits of why RoR reminds popular and is actually not a dying language.

Fast and effective 

Ruby on Rails is fast and has a small code base. This also means that it is cost-effective. Because time is money. The longer development takes, the more expensive it can be. A clean code base enables developers to work more quickly and effectively. This is because it requires less code while maintaining the same functionality.

Highly flexible 

The RoR framework is flexible. It is adaptive to website modifications. Also, Ruby allows you to delete and redefine items.  It integrates with technologies and frameworks such as AngularJS. This feature enables developers to divide app levels and use different technologies.

High chance for scalability 

Every company, regardless of size or sector, aims for scalability. Even if you are a start-up, you might fast expand and must have the tools to do so. Your app can fail to adapt to traffic peaks. Or even fail for seasonal ups and downs of use if it lacks the capacity to scale. Ruby on Rails is a scalable solution that adapts and responds to those traffic spikes.

How to find the right Ruby On Rails Developer

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We explained what RoR developers can do and what kind of benefits will you and your company have from them. But where and how to find these RoR developers? Here are practical tips.

Where to find Ruby on Rails developers

Finding candidates, especially skilled ones, can take time and effort. When searching the market for Ruby on Rails developers, seek countries with top talent.

These are usually the United States, Poland, Ukraine, China, India, and the United Kingdom. Sourcing from overseas helps you to discover great talent at an incredible price. This means you can hire from the USA someone who is from India.

Teamcubate can help you if you are looking for a remote and flawless team of RoR Developers. It is a stress-free hiring. The only thing you need to do is contact us. We will have a meeting and get to know your needs and aims. In a few days, you will have your best RoR developer for the best possible price. All you need to do is contact us

This type of hiring is called outsourcing, which we will explain in the following sections. We will also explain in-house hiring and offshoring.

Outsourcing your RoR developer

Instead of directly hiring an employee, let the third party do it for you. They will handle everything. From searching to interviewing to hiring and delivering the job. Outsourcing helps you to grow your staff on a worldwide scale. 

It is cost-effective and provides an all-in-one solution. That’s why many startups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) choose to outsource. 

We understand it can be difficult to trust overseas remote workers. Thus, you should collaborate with trustworthy companies. They have experienced project managers to make the projects succeed. Let’s check the benefits of outsourcing 

  • Access to global talent
  • Lower costs
  • Faster development time
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased efficiency 

In-house hiring your RoR developer 

In-house or internal hiring means your company will directly hire the employee. You will be responsible for: 

  • Searching
  • Locating
  • Hiring
  • Recruiting

Your company will need to conduct interviews, provide tests and make contracts.

This type of hiring is more difficult. It is also more expensive and risky. But, it provides better control over your employees as well as better communication. This type of hiring can also be in-office, from home, or hybrid. Check out the managing remote Ruby On Rails developers if you plan on hiring a work-from-home team. 

Offshore hiring RoR developer 

Offshoring is the process of having an office in another country and hiring developers to work from that location. This is a great option for long-term projects. But this will require a significant amount of time and money.

All these three types of hiring have their own advantages and disadvantages. Overall, outsourcing will have the lowest barrier to entry. And, it is the most cost-effective solution.

What RoR developer experience level do I need?

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There are three types of experience-level developers:

  • Junior or entry-level RoR developers
  • Medior or mid-level RoR developers
  • Senior or professional-level RoR developers

According to your project needs, choose the experience level. For instance, if your project requires fewer components with a simple and basic structure, choose a junior RoR developer. But if you have a complex project, we recommend either medior or senior developers.  

Junior developer - A junior RoR developer typically has 0 to 1 year of experience. Such a developer has a decent knowledge of web frameworks and MVC architecture.

Mid-Level developers - These developers usually have 1 to 3 years of experience with Ruby on Rails. But you can expect them to have experience in other MVC-based web frameworks.

Senior developer - Seniors typically have 5 years of development experience.  These developers have extensive knowledge of the RoR framework. Also, they usually have experience as a lead RoR developer on a past project. They are perfect for complicated projects with many requirements. 

Navigating the hiring process: How to spot the right Ruby On Rails developer

Once you know what type of RoR developer you want, it is crucial to know where to look and how to spot the right Ruby On Rails developer. 

Determine if you want to do the in–house hiring or outsourcing. If you want to do the outsourcing and not worry and do a thing, contact us. But if you want to do the in-house hiring, look for your RoR developer on the following platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Toptal
  • Upwork
  • Bacancy Technology
  • Betterteam


Once you find the perfect location, start with the best practices for recruiting top-notch Ruby On Rails developers. Here are a few quick takeaway tips:

  • Before hiring, write a thorough job description;
  • Post the position on leading hiring sites;
  • Determine the cost of hiring RoR developers;
  • Determine the platforms you will search for your developer;
  • Narrow down the developer location based on your needs;
  • Find the most interesting profiles that match your job description and needs;
  • Select the most appropriate recruiting model; 
  • Do the background investigation and conduct the interview;
  • Provide competence test;
  • Examine the developer's and prospective team members' corporate fit;
  • Craft an enticing job offer and begin onboarding.

In Conclusion 

To hire a Ruby on Rails developer is a bit difficult job. It is a long process that is often stressful. For that reason, we wrote this little guide to help you easily find the right Ruby on Rails developer. 

The first thing you need to know is what type of RoR developer you need. Is it a web developer, full-stack, or maybe a RoR project manager? Once you know that, determine what hiring model you want. Do you want to outsource it or do the in-house hiring? 

When you have these answers, start writing your job description. Locate the platforms you will search on your RoR developers. Have the following tips in mind when you do that. But if you want to avoid all of these things, just contact Teamcubate to find you your perfect RoR match. 

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