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How to Create a Budget for Hiring a Flutter Developer

Discover how to create an optimal budget for hiring a Flutter developer. From understanding cost factors, project complexity, platform options, to considering app categories, UX/UI design, and backend development needs. Start your journey to efficient and cost-effective mobile app development today.

June 2, 2023

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Planning Your Budget for Hiring a Flutter Developer

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When it comes to hiring a Flutter developer, hiring budgets differ significantly. Meaning that it can cost you anything from €20.000 to €200.000. If you are a startup, you will probably have a limited budget for hiring a Flutter developer.

Yet, the actual price will depend on many factors. For that reason, there are some rules to follow, no matter the company size. When it comes to the question of creating a budget for hiring a Flutter developer.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Flutter Developer?

Before we decide to make a budget for a Flutter developer, we have to know what affects the price of the developer.

The answer will depend on a few factors, and they are:

  • Location of your Flutter developer;
  • Years of experience and skill set;
  • Projects uniqueness and complexity;
  • Engagement model.

These factors are very important, and it is important to know them before creating a budget. To learn more about that, check the factors that affect the cost of hiring a Flutter developer.

How can Flutter Assist in Lowering the Cost of Developing Mobile Apps?

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Flutter's qualities and capabilities place it among the most scalable and cost-effective frameworks. Here is a summary of Flutter's characteristics that make it ideal for your app project:

Lowering flutter testing costs

Flutter is among the few frameworks that have built-in testing support. It offers developers a variety of testing options, like

  • Widget testing,
  • Integration testing;
  • Unit testing and more.

Furthermore, because Flutter offers a code reusability capability, it reduces the testing cost

Open source feature

Flutter is free to use and represents an open source. As a result, you won't have to pay a Flutter licensing fee to use it in your app development project. However, hiring a Flutter developer, on the other hand, to work on your Flutter project costs. You can either negotiate hourly rates or fixed pricing for hiring flutter developers.

Reusability of code

The best thing about Flutter is that it allows developers to reuse 90% of their code across all platforms. This decreases the cost and time required to build a Flutter app.

Reducing costs

Flutter development costs will always be less than native app development for Android.  

This means that Flutter is a fast framework, so you won't sacrifice performance for cost.

How to Create a Budget for Hiring a Flutter Developer

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Now that you are aware of how much can a Flutter developer cost and which one you will need. Junior, Medior, or Senior, here are some basic tips to create a budget for hiring a Flutter developer.

1. Flutter platform options

The major cost element for Flutter app development is platform selection. Do you want to create a mobile app for Android and other platforms? Do you need to expand your solution to include desktop software?

The possibility of the new Flutter 3 is endless. You can design apps that go beyond the domain of smartphones. All you need to do is calculate the related Flutter cost of the bundle you want.  

2. Projects' uniqueness and complexity

The cost of your Flutter developer will depend on your company's project complexity. It can range anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000. Here is the approximate price range that you should set aside to hire a Flutter developer.

  • From €20,000 to €55,000 for low-project complexity
  • From €55,000 to €100,000 for medium project complexity
  • From €100,000 to €200,000 for high-project complexity

The complexity of a project will n the features you are planning to implement. Choosing the proper features is critical for lowering your Flutter app development costs. The more complex your app features, the higher the Flutter app cost estimates.

This is because complicated feature takes longer to create and develop. Here’s a baseline time calculation for integrating features of varying complexities:

Easy Flutter Application Project

Cost: $20,000 to $50,000.

Estimated time: From 3 to 4 months.

Screens included: From 5 to 10.

Basic Flutter Application Project

Cost: $50,000 to $100,000.

Estimated time: From 4 to 9 months.

Screens included: From 10 to 15.

Complex Flutter Application Project

Cost: $100,000 to $200,000.

Estimated time: From 10 to 24 months.

Screens included: From 15 to 25.

3. Application categories

Another important factor to consider when determining your budget for hiring a Flutter developer is the app category. Why? Because some categories are much more competitive.

For example, categories like augmented reality need complex and specific development abilities. while applications such as Tools need fundamental Flutter programming skills. which will require less experience and skills, as well as less money to invest.

To ensure in which category your app belongs, check the official Apple Category Page lists or Android App Category Page lists to find your app.

4. The need for UX/UI design

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To reduce the cost of hiring a Flutter developer, you need to determine whether you will need a UX/UI design. Here are a couple of questions one should ask itself before hiring such a developer.

What type of app design do you need? Are you looking to create a basic admin panel app or a customer-focused service application? How much is the look and feel of your Flutter app is important for you and your business?

If the answer is yes and all of these things are important to you, then that will increase the cost. All of these elements will have a direct impact on Flutter app development costs.

5. The need for backend development 

When you say Flutter development, it is usually considered front-end development. A backend framework is also required to construct a full-stack mobile app.

Ensure to have a budget for that part as well. If you think this is not necessary, it is. The backend will make your app work, and determine the storage. This means that once you are determining the price for your Flutter developer, you need to set money aside for the back end as well

6. The level of the app’s security 

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The level of security that must be applied to your Flutter app is determined by the sort of Flutter project you are creating. If you're aiming to create a simple to-do list app, you won't need any user data or login features; thus, your security precautions can be modest.

However, say you're creating an enterprise Flutter app that has to store sensitive customer data and financial information. In such instances, you will want an additional layer of security in addition to your web app firewall protection. You can investigate the runtime application self-protection, known as the RASP technique, for this, which allows you to incorporate a more tailored security solution

In Conclusion 

If you want to target many platforms at the same time, hire a Flutter developer. It is very easy to determine if you are in need of such a position in your company, but it can be difficult to create a budget for hiring a Flutter developer. 

This is because you will need to know the factors that affect the cost of hiring a Flutter developer, and then once you establish that, you can start creating a budget. That also implies the few factors that you need to determine, such as the app’s options, its complexity, the app’s categories and its security, and the need for UX/UI design as well as back-end development.

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