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Freelancing as a Python developer

Start freelancing as a Python developer with our practical guide.

June 23, 2023

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Freelancing as a Python developer

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Being a developer gives you many opportunities. You can work at great IT companies. You can work from home and even be your own boss. How? By freelancing as a Python developer. 

Freelancing offers many benefits. You can set your working time, your hourly rate and choose who you want to work with. This article will explain many other advantages of being a Python freelancer. We will also cover how to become a Python developer and help you find your freelance job.

How to become a Python developer

You can become a Python developer even if you don’t have any experience. Becoming a Python developer will be even easier if you have experience in another programming language. Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn for beginners. Also, it is one of the most popular.

You will need around 2 to 6 months to learn the basics of Python. Yet, you can learn enough to develop your first small program in just a few minutes. But it can take months or years to learn Python's collection of libraries. If you want to be a data scientist, it can take you four to twelve months. Through this period, you will gain enough knowledge in Python so you can start searching for a job.  

Determine what type of Python developer you want to be. Then, start learning the basics and advance your programming skills. Explore Python frameworks, read coding books, and expand your knowledge. Ensure to join the Python community. Check our article to find out exactly how to become a Python developer

What does a Python developer do?

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Python is a programming language. It is very popular and simple to learn. Many popular companies use this programing language. These developers can create mobile, web, and game development. But they can also do:

  • Quantitative analysis;
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI);
  • Machine Learning (ML);
  • Data analytics and visualization.

Python developers can work on various projects. This includes from very complex ones to very simple ones. They also:

  • Write code that automates tasks; 
  • Design and develop computer applications;
  • Design and develop mobile applications;
  • Do error detection and correction;
  • Improve efficiency; 
  • Improve the user experience.

Can I make money as a Python freelancer?

Yes, you can make great money by being a Python freelancer. Joining any freelance platform will allow you to make money. Freelancing provides a great experience.  This will make you feel distinctive and valuable. Freelance is like a remote job as a Python developer. With you being your own boss. 

You can start your freelance career by making a profile on some freelance sites. One of the most popular sites is Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. 

How much do freelance Python developers make?

The salary will depend on a couple of things. Developer's location, experience, and the complexity of the project. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a Python freelance developer is between €99,000 and €164,000. 

According to ZipRecruiter, Python freelance salaries range between $85,000 to $138,500 in the United States. Professional developers with top earning rates are making €163,500 annually.

According to PayScale, the average hourly rate of a Python freelancer is €31,42.  Here are some rough numbers of the average salary of Python freelancers according to freelance sites:

  • Hourly earnings in the United States for an entry-level developer: $30,7.
  • Hourly earnings in the United States for a senior-level developer: $53,9.

What is a good place to start Python freelancing?

There are several platforms to start your Python freelance experiences. Besides that, you can get business and coding experience. 

But, if you want to avoid competition in the future, you should become independent of such platforms. Also, you can get testimonials to help you get more clients and even launch your company. These platforms are great for beginners. Here are the top ones.


Fiverr started as a marketplace. You could buy and sell small gigs for five dollars. As they become more popular, they become a freelancing marketplace. Such a platform now has sellers that make six-digit salaries.

There are jobs for a couple of dollars, but also freelancers that make a fortune. Such salaries are mostly in development, machine learning, and data analytics. 


Upwork is another great freelance platform. Their focus is on quality. This benefits clients since it guarantees their job completion without sacrificing quality.

Upwork is more challenging to apply. This is because the Upwork staff frequently rejects new profiles. They aim to ensure that only clients who are sure about their freelancing work can provide services on their platform. This also means that there is less competition. And no low-quality offers.


Another high-quality freelance platform. Thus, it takes a lot of work to apply. But if you get accepted, you can get the best hourly rates. You can make €100 per hour or more. Also,  there is less competition and a supportive network. You will also get direct communication with Toptal personnel.

If you want to become a Toptal member, you need to pass a series of exams. These are:

  • Language tests;
  • Skill reviews;
  • A live screening;
  • Test projects. 

Freelancing as a Python developer

A young woman smiling at the camera while sitting at the home office, working from home as a freelancer at her laptop with the coffee mugs next to it.

If you want to start your career as a Python developer but don’t know how we are here to help.

How to become a freelance Python developer?

Now that we determined how much freelance developers earn let’s see how you can start your freelance career. Follow the next tips.

Basics of Python

Before you become a Python freelancer, you need to understand the basics of Python. What's the point of freelancing if you can't even write Python code?

Before you begin with projects, you need to spend 10-20 hours for learning. This will help you gain your basic Python knowledge. You're studying a high-income talent, so this isn't much of a time commitment. You can learn a lot in 20 hours if you do it correctly. 

Luckily, there are many resources available. From online YouTube videos to Bootcamps. Here are some of them to get you started:

Online courses:

Make a freelance profile

Start freelancing as a Python developer with freelance platforms. They make it easy to establish your own freelance business. Some of the most popular freelance sites are:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr 
  • Freelancer

Some sites will carefully review your profile. This means that signing up will take some time.  This is because these platforms get thousands of applications each day. To ensure a specific level of service quality, they have to be selective. 

Also, these sites have taxes. Each platform has its own policy and, thus, taxes they will charge. So, before you make a profile on your chosen platform, get to know their work policy. This means that you cannot expect a high salary in the beginning. Also, it will take time until you land your first project. But be persistent and patient.

Ensure that your profile is attractive. State all your capabilities, skills, and knowledge. Provide your portfolio and ensure you are available for your clients. Freelance sites are great for beginners. It is a great option for building your portfolio before applying for a job in a company. 

But freelancing can also be complicated. These platforms can increase taxes and even remove you from the platform. It is because of the way how their algorithms work. For that reason, ensure to make profiles on a couple of these freelance platforms. 

Set up your own website

Set up your website if you don’t want to rely on freelance platforms. While this will take some time and help from other developers, it is the best decision. This allows you to provide services to customers all around the world. You build trust, and clients regard you as a professional freelancer. Use platforms to get clients, but keep them for yourself on your website.

Add testimonials to your website. This will boost conversions. Send your clients on your website from your freelance profile. Your professional website will distinguish you from the competitors. It will also improve your chances of keeping clients.

Star freelancing

You only want to sell your services if you are sure of your skills. Unfortunately, this time never comes. But gaining experience and learning more will make you more confident. Your services will benefit clients who lack programming abilities or have limited time. Most clients prefer to outsource complex work so that they can focus on the results.

Python projects come in a wide range of difficulty levels. There are simple tasks for €10, which you can complete in 5 minutes. There are also complex projects that take months. These tasks can cost from €100 to €1000.

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Choose 3 projects to start. Ensure they are in your range of experience and knowledge. Usually, these projects are in the price range of €10 to €50.
  • Write down the path you want to go. Keep in mind the projects you just chose. It can be data science, web scraping, application development, and scripting.

In conclusion

Freelancing as a Python developer requires devotion and patience. If you are a beginner, you need to take time to learn and get some experience. Once you have that, start freelancing.

Luckily, there are many sites that can help you with your freelance career. Fiver and Upwork are just some of them. Once you gain enough experience, you can make your own website and offer services there. Develop your own freelance business. 

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