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How Long Does it Take to Learn Flutter

Discover how long it takes to learn Flutter, its rising significance in 2023, and why it's your ideal choice for app development. From beginners to pros, our guide covers all you need to kickstart your Flutter journey.

June 6, 2023

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How Long Does it Take to Learn Flutter

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The time you need to learn Flutter will depend on your prior programming experience, your learning style, and your pace. While some people can do it in just a month, others will need at least three months. 

In this blog - how long does it take to learn Flutter, we will explain whether Flutter is worth learning and ways how to learn it even if you are a beginner. Also, we will talk more about this framework, its significance, and its popularity.

Is it Difficult to Learn Flutter?

The Flutter framework is easy to learn and master. To be precise, it is much easier than other frameworks, including React Native. Even if you've never coded in Flutter before, you'll feel at ease with it. For instance: Flutter's rich widget library makes it simple for you to create apps without writing complex code.  

Flutter’s popularity is growing each day. This is because of its flexibility to build apps quickly and easy language learning. You can learn Flutter by taking online courses, watching videos, reading documentation and blogs, and practicing with examples.

How Long to Learn Basic Flutter?

With a good online course and no prior experience, you can learn Flutter’s basics in 7 days. But that is just the basics. For more thorough knowledge, you will need at least a month for those with some programming experience. 

Some people with prior programming knowledge and experience can learn Flutter in a few weeks. Others, who do not have any experience, will need a few months. According to frequently asked questions, learning Dart-Flutter’s programming language and Flutter can take roughly three months if you spend around 20 hours each week learning.

Is Flutter Worth Learning in 2023?

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Yes, Flutter is worth learning, and the Future of Flutter Development is right here. This is because most companies are constantly searching for such developers. Flutter is an open-source programming development tool that lets you create apps with a single code and run it on multiple platforms. 

This way, companies save a lot on their budget as well as their time. You can create mobile applications for Android and iOS for PCs such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and, amazingly, hybrid web applications.

If you're new to mobile development, Flutter is an excellent place to start. It offers a quick, exciting, and modern approach to creating mobile apps. If you are an experienced developer, on the other hand, you have another intriguing tool to test out.

Are Flutter Developers in Demand?

Yes, Flutter is in huge demand because of its incredible advantages, and those are:

  • Shorten developing time;
  • Reduce development costs;
  • The single code base for various platforms;
  • Less time and resources spent on testing;
  • Faster time to market;
  • Hot Reload option.

According to recent studies, around one-third of mobile developers use cross-platform frameworks. So, Flutter's popularity is undeniable, and it is expected to grow much more in 2023. 

How to Start Learning Flutter?

Here are essential tips on how you can start learning Flutter.

Install Flutter

Before you begin studying Flutter, you must install the Flutter SDK on your PC. SDK is short for a software development kit - a collection of tools in one package. 

At the moment of writing - May 2023, Flutter supports two IDEs - integrated development environments. IDE is a software application that enables developers to create software code efficiently.

1. Android Studio 

If you have Android Studio or IntelliJ IDE installed on your PC, you can install the Dart and Flutter plugins, as well as the Flutter SDK, and you are ready to begin.

2. VS Code

VS Code or Visual Studio Code is a light and fast editor, also great for developing Flutter and web applications as well. If you want to create Flutter apps with Visual Studio Code, you must first install the Dart and Flutter SDK extensions from the VS Code market and then configure your SDK.

Start Learning Flutter

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If you want to find a firm that wants to Hire a Flutter developer, ensure you’ve got the needed knowledge. As we already mentioned, there are a couple of ways to learn Flutter, and now we will go through each one of them.

Learn Flutter by Taking Online Courses

Platforms for online courses can be a real time saver. Such platforms offer different kinds of educational videos for total newbies to professional programmers. They usually last for a couple of weeks, are created by the very best professors in that field, and are tailored to your own learning pace. 

Such online courses are usually free of charge, but some of them require a fee. Those paid ones usually provide a certification of compilation. You can find the best Flutter online courses on the next online educational platforms:

Learn Flutter by Watching Videos

Aside from the videos from online courses, there are a lot of videos you can find on YouTube that can help you with your learning process. 

There are several great channels for learning Flutter, including:

Flutter Course for Beginners

This an excellent tutorial for beginners and total newbies in programming. The instructor is very thorough, he explains everything, and the flow just follows very naturally.

The video is divided into sections so you can easily track and stop whenever you want and don’t get lost in the content.


Flutter Widget of the Week

Widget of the Week is a series of short, animated clips highlighting a different widget from the Flutter SDK. They publish a new video every week, so you can stay updated. 

Flutter in Focus

Flutter in Focus is another Flutter video series on YouTube with less than 10 minutes of footage. Their Flutter team creates fantastic lessons on how to master basic and advanced Flutter concepts.

The Boring Flutter Development Show

This is another great, weekly show. Why? Because the team makes the Flutter app live on their videos so you can track each step and their progress as well.

Learn Flutter by Examples

The examples are the most significant documentation Flutter currently has. You can find a very concise and clear example of Flutter at:

Learn Flutter by Reading Documentation

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Start learning from the documentation if you prefer reading over watching and listening. It is recommended to learn from the official documentation versus the ones that are not verified.

The official documentation for Flutter is quite clear and concise. Here are some of them.

  1. Layout creation: You can start with Flutter by creating a simple layout.
  2. Flutter Cookbook: Simple flutter examples with brief explanations, ideal for practically learning flutter.
  3. Flutter Animations: Once you've mastered the layout and the Cookbook, it's time to discover how Flutter animations operate.
  4. Flutter State Management: State management is a more sophisticated Flutter subject in which one widget maintains the state of another. However, it is currently mostly with the provider and BLoC libraries.

In Conclusion

Flutter is an open-source framework that is getting more and more popular. Many companies are now searching to hire a Flutter developer due to many reasons. One of them is the reduced time and costs. 

If you are a newbie and you want to start programming, Flutter is your perfect match. Aside from its high demand, it is pretty easy to learn, even for beginners. How long does it take to learn Flutter - around one month for advanced students, up to a couple of months for newbies. For detailed information, go through our blog, where we explain everything, including learning steps!

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