About Teamcubate

Our Story


 We’re Made By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs

In 2017, Teamcubate was born by pure coincidence. Marc and Niels were both busy building each of their respective businesses (both still very alive and kicking today). At that time the problem was the same as today:

How do you attract top talent at just the right time and have them join the company?

Struggling with a zero relevant applicant scenario for job posts, old-school outsourcing companies run by used car salesmen-types, and self-service freelance platforms with a ton of irrelevant candidates, an idea came up:

If they moved both their asses and company assets and to greener recruiting pastures, the core issue of talent might be solved.

The pin needed to be placed on Belgrade in Serbia. That was a horrible idea. At least a first. Getting to master headhunting, office space, local law and so much more was a headache of hours on end.

Giving up was not written in the gamebook, so suddenly things started to work. Key hires were made, a framework appeared.

From their network of like-minded entrepreneurs, people suddenly started asking what was up in Serbia. A few companies moved in, the first full-floor office was rented.

Teamcubate was a thing.

We’re Here To Help

The core of Teamcubate is our in-house team. We are responsible for the recruitment work, such as headhunting of candidates, interviews, tests and the direct communication with you.

In addition, we handle all the practicalities: compliance in relation to local law and payroll, operation of our offices, and work in relation to our concierge service where we provide airline tickets, ensure hotel accommodation, organize teambuilding events, and much more.

The team is also responsible for the ongoing HR efforts with regards to your employees, which includes ensuring that employees are heard in relation to various challenges. The goal is to be the best possible help for you – as we are locally present.