About us

Our story


Teamcubate was founded in the summer of 2017 by Marc Lucas and Niels Thimmer. After trying to find the right candidates for software and web development, as well as operating in our own companies, we started recruiting in Serbia. Here we have created a network where we cracked the code to attract the most talented employees.

With over 60 full-time employees and a larger network of freelancers, we work with a number of growth companies, primarily in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.


Brugt af virksomheder som

Brugt af virksomheder som

Our team helps you all the way.

The core of Teamcubate is our in-house team. We are responsible for the recruitment work – such as headhunting of candidates, interviews, tests and the direct communication with you.

In addition, we handle all the practicalities: Compliance in relation to local law and payroll, operation of our offices and work in relation to our concierge service, where we provide airline tickets, hotels, teambuilding events and much more.

The team is also responsible for the ongoing HR efforts in relation to your employees, including ensuring that employees are heard in relation to various challenges. The goal is that we can be the best possible help for you – as we are locally present.


Tell us about your needs

First, we take a free counseling session. The goal is to understand your company and your needs in the best possible way. We give you an assessment of realistic prices as well as an estimate of how long it will take us to find the employee.

We find the candidates

In this process, we run through the entire funnel of possible candidates to find the right one. We always try to find the right candidate, so therefore you typically receive only 2-3 candidates in the first place.


The hire

Once you have found the right candidate, we move on to hiring. It is only here that you get to pay money. Our costs for recruitment and other operations are included in the monthly price.

The work

When the work starts, Teamcubate’s work is not done. We are your eyes and ears and we help the employee with everything he or she needs. In addition, we take care of all the practicalities in relation to office, salary, law, etc.