We find employees for companies in growth

Teamcubate recruits IT developers, supporters and finance staff in Serbia. Since 2017, we have helped a number of companies in Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands find candidates with the right skills.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have been involved in several tech companies – Teamcunate is built as the solution we were looking for in the market.


Historien bag Teamcubate

After longer research work, in the spring of 2017, I chose to recruit a full team for my company Opinodo in Belgrade, Serbia. The choice fell on Belgrade, as the city has a large supply of IT talent, is easy to reach from Copenhagen within a few hours, is in the same time zone as Copenhagen and offers good opportunities for employment in relation to cost – including low taxes on salary.

In the summer of 2017, several people from my network started contacting me to inquire about the possibilities of recruiting employees in Belgrade to Danish companies. At that point, I had a good structure in place, which had been somewhat more demanding than I had initially thought.

One of those who contacted me was Marc Lucas, who himself had been looking for a similar setup for his business. We decided to work together so that we could have a better office – we called the concept Teamcubate. Shortly thereafter, the first other companies came from our network of inquiries – and our new office in central Belgrade was quickly filled with various Danish companies.

In May 2018, we moved onto our first full floor at Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 28 – with over 5 meters to the ceiling, raw concrete columns and wall art, it was an environment we ourselves wanted to work in.

By the end of 2019, we had established offices in 3 locations in Belgrade and 1 in Novi Sad, 60 kilometers north of Belgrade, and had about 60 employees for over 10 different companies. For this, a growing network of witty freelancers.

Niels Thimmer, Copenhagen, April 2020
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