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Brugt af virksomheder som

Brugt af virksomheder som

Advantages you will get with Teamcubate in Serbia

Teamcubate operates a cost-effective platform for recruiting top talent. We are a Danish company with three offices in Serbia, where we help a number of leading growth companies to find, among other things, developers.

High level of English

Compared to countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Belarus or Vietnam, Serbs have an extremely good level of English. One of the reasons is that everyone has learned it as children – as television has not been synchronized to local languages as is the case in many other countries.

Attractive cost level

Wages are generally lower in Serbia than in Western Europe. At the same time, taxes are low on wages in Serbia, which actually makes the price for the company even lower. Expect about half the price of similar prices Western Europe for the same candidate.

Hard-working and solution-thinking

Serbs have a critical approach to work meant in a positive way. It is in the work culture that one asks in to get the full understanding, rather than just saying ‘yes’ and going in the wrong direction.

Quick recruitment and test

Through Teamcubate’s recruitment, it is quick and easy to reach good candidates. You have a dedicated matchmaker attached for free, whose job it is to pair you with the right candidate – based on your common requirements and wishes. We can see that this personal approach opens up for far better collaborations directly between candidate and company.

Get there in 2 hours

Belgrade can be reached in 2 hours from most major cities in Europe. At the same time, it is quick to get through the airport and the taxi ride to the city only takes a quarter of an hour.