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Teamcubate helps you recruit remote employees – full time and freelance. We recruit in Serbia and help companies find the best candidates in IT development, administration and support.

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Brugt af virksomheder som

Teamcubate is there for you all the way

We give you the full package in terms of building and maintaining a team both in our offices and with remote freelancers. We handle recruitment, testing of candidates and other logistical burdens.

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Recruiting with Teamcubate is free and risk free. Once you have found the right candidate, a portion of the monthly payment goes to cover the recruitment. 

Fair pricing

We remove the hassle so you can focus on running your business.



With Teamcubate’s HR platform, you have the full overview of what work is being done, contracts, recruitment, invoicing and much more. It makes everything easy to operate for you.

Easy integration

We help you integrate your Teamcubate team with the rest of your organization. We always have room for your team in our offices and we help with all the practicalities in relation to travel, etc.

How companies experience working with us

Hear about Valuers journey toward building a team in Serbia with Teamcubate

Valuer has from an early stage been assigned a team of skilled developers, who together with the Danish team are responsible for new development of their product. The journey started with a couple of developers and soon evolved into a full team, where both offices are virtually connected with cameras to get the offices connected.

Without Teamcubate’s help, we simply would not have been able to build the development team we have today. 

Daniel Laursen

Se hvordan en revisionsvirksomhed i vækst bygger finansielt team

Carsten Andersen fra Dansk Økonomi- og Regnskabscenter har bygget et solidt team af revisorer og bogholdere med Teamcubate.

»Teamcubate har vendt tilbage med 3 kandidater til alle positioner. De har været meget kvalificerede alle sammen. Vi har i dag et team i Beograd med kompetencer, der er meget svære at finde i Danmark«

Carsten Andersen
Dansk Økonomi- og Regnskabscenter

How it works working with Teamcubate

Tell us about you and your needs

If you have a job description, we use this as our starting point. If you need help with the right job description, we are also happy assist. 

Matching with candidates

The hire

Once we have found the right candidate(s), we plan onboarding either online, physically at your office, or at one of our offices in Serbia.

The work

Once the candidate has started with you, we are ready to get all the practicalities just right. For example, office, management of local payroll and local labor laws, office management, and special needs such as booking flights, accommodation, etc.

Freelance –
full flexibility

Some tasks require full flexibility. It may be that the task is limited or that you have a need that varies over time. Here it is crucial to find the right freelancer.

With Teamcubate, we put a lot of effort into headhunting the right freelancer. Our recruitment team contacts candidates through our extensive network. We make an effort to find few but good candidates – based on your unique needs and requirements.

Price examples for freelancers

  • Senior IT developers for 45 EUR per hour
  • Skilled junior / medior IT developers for 27 EUR per hour.
  • Senior auditors or financial controllers at 30 EUR per hour.
  • Skilled junior / medior accountants with a degree in Danish accounting and tax at 25 EUR per hour.

It is our experience that the best freelance graduates are most often not on self-service freelance platforms, but may already be in a good job. Such candidates may have time for your project, and we see that they most often enter into an ongoing freelance collaboration that fits into your and their calendar and yours.

Dedicated employees
– expand your team

For several companies, we have built dedicated teams of full-time employees. For example, in relation to IT developers / programmers, we see that it can be difficult to find competent candidates in most EU countries.

In Serbia, we have for several years built up a large network and recruitment team that is ready to headhunt the candidates who did not know they were looking for something new.

In addition to better access to talent, price is also a motivating factor. As Serbia has a different cost level than Northern Europe, one can expect the total price to be half of the equivalent.

With Teamcubate as a partner, we take care of all the logistics around recruitment for free. If you do not find the right employee, you pay nothing. Once you have recruited, our prices include all the ongoing logistics in relation to office, office management, local pay, booking of travel, etc. to bind your team together in Denmark and Serbia. In addition, our offices are open to your Danish team – who can come to Belgrade and work with your Serbian team. A scheme that many people use as an opportunity to take a ‘workation’.

Priseksempler på fuldtidsmedarbejdere
  • Senior IT developer: 4,500 EUR (depending on technology)
  • Junior / medior IT developer: 3,000 EUR (depending on technology)
    Senior accountant / financial controller trained in the country-specific accounting and tax: 3,000 EUR
  • Junior / medior accountant trained in the country-specific accounting and tax: 2,050 EUR

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