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Teamcubate has assisted Soundboks in finding top developers for building their cutting-edge technology.

»Getting CVs lasted a week, turnaround with developers another 1-2 weeks, so we were able to start everything within 4 weeks tops. One of our developers we hired in a consultant role, and another one is a fully integrated part of our team,« Wouter Gerhardus van Veen, Digital Director at Soundboks, says.

»We were also amazed by Teamcubate’s flexibility and their dedication to finding us the perfect candidates. Having a team of developers who are able to work independently and provide great results definitely is something that is an important part of the process,« he elaborates. 

The access to talent has propelled Soundboks impressive growth journey.

»In a year of working with Teamcubate, we were able to double our growth. A smooth and fast hiring process is something that helped a lot,« Wouter Gerhardus van Veen says.

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